Duff Goldman's Bizarre Chicken Nugget Tweet Has Twitter Convinced That Something's Not Right

You know Duff Goldman as an excellent baker and cake decorator with enough pastry knowledge and skills to take down the Cake Boss himself, so it's no wonder people come to him when they have a culinary conundrum. Recently, a fan reached out to the "master" to help settle a debate they were having with a friend over what constitutes as a donut — round with a hole, or simply the ability to be included in a dozen donuts (via Twitter)? The Charm City Cakes owner sided with the latter, pointing out that varieties like Crullers and Boston Creams are both considered donuts despite not being the typical O-shape associated with the pastry — but that wasn't all. Goldman shared a few other thoughts on the subject, including one which left many fans scratching their heads in confusion.

"Chicken nuggets are jelly donuts but instead of jelly on the inside its chicken," the pastry chef asserted in a bizarre tweet, and let's just say, his opinion wasn't quite as popular as some of the others he has previously shared.

Was Duff Goldman under the influence when he declared that chicken nuggets were jelly donuts?

There are many debates within the foodie community, some of the most polarizing being whether or not a deep-dish pizza is a casserole, and if a hot dog is a sandwich (via The Daily Meal), but Duff Goldman's idea that a chicken nugget is a jelly donut doesn't appear to be one of them. "You had me on your side until this moment. I was about ready to die for your cause until you said this one. Still love you (except for this)," Twitter user @disneyfreak423 wrote. Some even went as far as questioning if the chef was under the influence of something other than frosting when he shared his peculiar opinion. "How many gummies did you eat Duff," user @doriendavies asked, while others simply asked him if he was okay. 

While there have been donut-shaped chicken nuggets on the market in the past (via The Evening Standard), we think classifying nuggs as jelly donuts is a bit of a stretch. However, Goldman assured his followers that there wasn't anything clouding his judgment when he crafted his tweet. In response to another fan questioning whether or not he was in the right state of mind, Goldman reminded them that "someone can be creative and weird and hungry all at the same time and not be high. Sheesh" (via Twitter). Perhaps it's best to just let him have this opinion and move on.