Burger King Crispy Chicken Sandwich: What To Know Before Ordering

While many wars require international mediation, U.N. peacekeepers have yet to be sent in to control the chaos caused by the chicken sandwich wars. Popeyes triggered the standoff when they launched a chicken sandwich so successful, it completely sold out within two weeks (via CNN Business). Following Popeyes' success, restaurants like McDonald's and KFC surged ahead with their twists on chicken sandwiches.

After an initial crisis involving a pickle shortage, Burger King recently jumped into the fray when it overhauled its own take on fried chicken between two buns by offering its signature Ch'King Sandwiches (via Food and Wine). With a game-changing product like this, you know that this burger chain pulled out all the stops and now has a menu item that has what it takes to put an end to the ongoing fried chicken conflict once and for all. Prepare your taste buds, because this menu item has what it takes to go all the way.

What is a Ch'King sandwich?

In order to dominate the intensely competitive chicken sandwich market, Burger King first decided to rename their signature product. CNN Business notes that the fast food chain chose to rebrand its sandwich creation, opting for the Ch'King moniker over the original Hand-breaded Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

When you visit the restaurant, you have four options of the Ch'King Sandwich at your disposal. According to The Drum, the original version features a thick cut of batter-fried chicken, complete with pickles, savory sauce, and potato burger buns. There is also a spicy version, which has extra hot sauce added into the mix. Deluxe versions of the original and spicy styles also grace menus. The only noted difference between the Deluxe and basic versions of the sandwiches is the fact that the Deluxe sandwich swaps pickles for tomato and lettuce.

With four available styles at your disposal, you can always find something to love in Burger King's take on a classic chicken sandwich. While the styles draw crowds in, the unique flavors of each variety keep diners coming back for more.

What do Burger King's Ch'King sandwiches taste like?

Eat This, Not That! reports that the spicy Ch'King Sandwich is the tastiest option available and the key to the spicy version's success is the fact that it comes completely smothered in spicy sauce. TimeOut also concludes that the spicy chicken selection reigns supreme thanks to its luscious texture. Meanwhile, some eaters consider the ordinary Ch'King Sandwich as being slightly bland, requiring the support of additional condiments.

A review from The Takeout also recommends the spicy sandwich, explaining that the particular offering contains a touch of cinnamon. The review also praises the burger buns, touting their crispiness and durability. To top it all off, other reviewers even claimed Burger King's chicken sandwiches easily outranked those offered by McDonald's (via Insider). With flavors as bold as this, you can only hope that the fast food chain plans to keep this fried chicken staple around for years to come.

How long will the Ch'King be available?

After hungry diners literally fought over Popeyes' unbelievably popular chicken sandwich in 2019, its rivals came up with chicken sandwiches that didn't disappoint (via USA Today). According to Thrillist, KFC came out with its chicken sandwich competitor in January 2021, while McDonald's Crispy Chicken Sandwich launched in February 2021 to huge praise (via Eat This, Not That!).

Burger King's Ch'King Sandwich is a relative newcomer and didn't hit restaurants until June 2021 (via Thrillist). No time limit has been placed on the availability of the sandwich, which now features prominently on the official Burger King website. Only time can tell how long Burger King plans to keep the sandwich alive, but with any luck, it can lead the burger chain to fried chicken victory. For now, the burger chain plans to keep this sandwich going for the time being and tempts new fans with the sandwich's attractive price. 

How much does the Ch'King Sandwich cost?

Given their exquisite name and the fact they took two years of experiments to produce, one would assume that Burger King's Ch'King Sandwiches could easily set you back (via Delish). According to Burger Beast, the original launch of the sandwiches took place in Miami, where prices started at $3.49. When the nationwide rollout began, Reuters reported the expected prices would range between $3.99 and $4.99. According to Burger King, the most recent prices place basic and spicy Ch'King Sandwiches at $4.99, while the Deluxe versions cost $5.69, depending on region.

Ch'King Sandwiches additionally come as part of the chain's small, medium, or large meals, with prices ranging from $9.09 to $10.09 for the regular-sized sandwiches and $9.79 to $10.79 for the Deluxe version. While these prices can easily make your wallet happy, just make sure you check out what's in each sandwich before digging in. 

The Ch'King Sandwich's nutritional information

According to Burger King, the nutritional content for each chicken sandwich starkly varies between the Deluxe and basic versions. While the basic Ch'King Sandwich contains 800 calories, 134 grams of fat, and 710 milligrams of sodium, the spicy alternative is packed with 950 calories, 150 grams of fat, and 970 milligrams of sodium. Meanwhile, the Spicy Deluxe sandwich comes loaded with 1,052 calories, 150 grams of fat, and 955 milligrams of sodium. This compares to the standard Deluxe's offering of 892 calories, 134 grams of fat, and 695 milligrams of sodium.

No matter which version you choose, any of these sandwiches can easily fill you up. With this product, Burger King set the stage for victory in the chicken sandwich wars. Only time can tell what happens next, but you can guarantee diners can always have great fried chicken sandwiches as long as this conflict continues.