What Really Makes Yogurtland's Pistachio Flavor So Delicious - Exclusive

Pistachio isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind for most of us when a frozen yogurt craving strikes. Classic tart? Sure. Dark chocolate? Very likely. But pistachio? Definitely hit or miss. When it comes to pistachio flavored sweet treats in general, it's safe to say the public is firmly divided. Some people love the nutty flavor in their ice cream, cookies, cakes, frozen yogurt, and more. Others firmly believe that pistachios should never be anywhere near a dessert.

Of course, some would say you just haven't tried the right treat yet. Yogurtland founder and CEO Phillip Chang would certainly agree. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Chang admitted that pistachio is one of his favorite flavors that Yogurtland offers. And while his opinion alone may not be enough to sway the pistachio skeptics, Chang also explained exactly what makes Yogurtland's pistachio frozen yogurt so delicious, and why it's better than the competition. And it might just leave you wanting to try a scoop for yourself.

Yogurtland keeps it real, and that's what makes it so good, according to the CEO

The truth behind why Yogurtland's pistachio frozen yogurt flavor is so delicious isn't exactly out of this world. There's no magical mystery ingredient or unheard-of technique. It simply comes down to the basics of quality, according to Yogurtland's CEO Phillip Chang. "Our pistachio is just amazing," he says. And the secret? "We use real pistachio butter. That's it." No powders or artificial pistachio flavoring involved, but rather real, roasted pistachios, per the brand's website. And apparently, it's what makes all the difference.

It reflects Yogurtland's entire philosophy. "At the end of the day, it's really about going back to basic fundamentals," Chang says, adding "the customer would like to see that there is that trusted quality and there's no cheating anywhere." That kind of dedication to quality and real ingredients is why, after 15 years, Yogurtland is still "the world's largest, best-known, and fastest-growing frozen yogurt chain," as the brand markets itself. And it's also why even the pickiest of froyo lovers might be swayed by Yogurtland's pistachio flavor. As Chang proudly put it, "nobody ever can beat this flavor because we use real butter in it."

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