21% Of People Agree That This Is The Worst Ice Cream Flavor

It's hard to go wrong when it comes to ice cream. The delectable and addictive treat has origins that date as far back as 618 AD, per Farmers Almanac, and to the 1700s in America specifically, where, as of January 2020, it was consumed at a rate of 20.8 liters per person per year (via World Atlas). The lengthy history of ice cream has also yielded thousands of flavors that range from the classic chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, to flavors featuring the one-of-a-kind Devil's Breath Carolina Reaper Pepper (you read that right) and just about everything else in between.

But, alas, not all flavors can be as desirable as cookies and cream. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Mashed that polled 504 individuals in the United States revealed that there are a few types of ice cream that are widely regarded as unfavorable to lovers of the frozen dessert.

Unsurprisingly, vanilla continues to stand the test of time, being labeled the "worst" flavor of ice cream by only 3.37 percent of respondents, while Rocky Road and strawberry earned the second-lowest percentage of votes at 6.94 percent each. And though hundreds flock to McDonald's drive-thrus to pick up a Shamrock Shake each year, mint chocolate chip ice cream was found to be undesirable by 15.48 percent of voters. Still, there were found to be even more atrocious flavors than the aforementioned four — keep reading to find out what they are.

1 in 5 people would turn down pistachio ice cream

Ringing in as the second-worst flavor of ice cream in our survey was pistachio, which earned 21.23 percent of the votes. The reason behind the distaste for the flavor is unknown — it could be that the dessert's green color is a turn off, or that fact that it is a favorite ice cream flavor by none other than Vladimir Putin.

But despite being turned down by one in five surveyors, and dubbed "so bad that not even Satan deserves it" but one particularly opinionated Redditor, pistachio ice cream still did not take the top spot as the worst flavor on the market. Rather, that title went to Tutti Fruitti, which raked in a whopping 42.86 percent of votes.

If you're taking the time to add up the numbers, it's important to note that 3.17 percent of voters chose "Other" as the answer to our survey. Of that group, a considerable number of people wrote in that there was actually no bad flavor of ice cream out there, and that's certainly an opinion we can get behind.