The Most Popular Hungry Howie's Pizza Might Surprise You - Exclusive

Walk into a Hungry Howie's and the pizza chain's CEO Steve Jackson wants you to focus on personalizing your pie. "The thing about pizzas, there's just tens of thousands of options. So to combine them any way you want, that's what makes it America's favorite food ... people can customize it any way they want," Jackson gushed to Mashed in an exclusive interview. "Then it even goes further than that with the thin crust and the gluten-free crust and now you're starting to see cauliflower crust in the deep-dish." 

Jackson's not wrong. Halle Berry, as is common pizza knowledge — right? — goes for cauliflower crust (via Delish). Former President Barack Obama once controversially chose New York-style foldable over deep-dish, per Time Out. Miley Cyrus likes wearing pizza as much as eating it (via Billboard). Who's got better taste? It's hard to tell when pizza comes in as many variants as there are stars in the sky ... almost literally. Domino's, for example, once claimed via tweet that you can order over 34 million pizza combinations off its menu — and Domino's doesn't have the flavored crust options that Hungry Howie's boasts.

Despite an infinite number of possibilities, Hungry Howie's most popular pie — Jackson let slip to Mashed — is surprisingly mundane. 

Hungry Howie's most popular pizza is a tried-and-true classic

Check out Hungry Howie's pizza menu if you've never done so before. The chain isn't shy about its toppings offerings: It's got a chicken bacon ranch pie and a bacon cheddar cheeseburger pizza to prove it. Somewhere along the line, Sriracha drizzle became an extra topping, too. Blame that on millennials. Steve Jackson told Mashed that, dating back a decade, "We've always targeted ... the millennial mom." And, as Restaurant Hospitality can attest to, the spicy sauce had become the millennial's go-to condiment by 2014. 

But sriracha isn't on Hungry Howie's most popular pie. At least according to Jackson, the pizza chain's most popular pizza is a single-topping affair. "I think 90% of the world loves just the basic cheese and pepperoni pizza, and that's kind of the category that I fall into," Jackson confided to Mashed. "When it comes right down to it, if we did a national survey, I think cheese and pepperoni is a fairly large share of our business." 

Again, Jackson is probably not wrong. In what is hardly the plot twist of the century, a 2021 YouGov poll indicates that pepperoni is the United State's preferred pizza topping. On the other hand, a recent Mashed poll suggests that a surprising percentage of U.S. pizza eaters have a thing for pineapple. If you're a pineapple lover, too, Hungry Howie's got you covered. Maybe give Howie's Maui pizza a try. 

Alternatively, visit Hungry Howie's website for more menu options.