You've Been Storing Your Godiva Chocolates All Wrong

Chocolates seem like one of those things that can never get spoilt, much like salt and sugar. However, as unlikely as it may seem, chocolate can indeed expire. Now, when you buy a bar of chocolate from a brand like Godiva, which The Penny Hoarder deemed one of the priciest, but finest chocolates in the American market, you really do not want the chocolate to go bad before you can eat it.

According to PureWow, how soon chocolate can get spoilt depends largely on the quality of the chocolate and how it is stored. Although chocolates taste best when eaten before the best by date, they don't necessarily get spoilt soon after. In fact, when stored correctly, chocolates can be safe to consume well past the best by date.

Such is the case for Godiva chocolates. According to the official website, Godiva chocolates will definitely stay fresh until the best by date written on the back. If you do want to store a half-eaten bar of Godiva or an opened box of truffles, the chocolatier assures that the chocolates will remain fresh if stored at a room temperature no higher than 65°F (18°C). Due to chocolate's low melting point, they recommend keeping the treats away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity unless, well, you would rather lick the half-melted chocolate off its packaging.

You should freeze your Godiva chocolates

For fresh fruits dipped in Godiva chocolate, like Godiva Strawberries, the website recommends refrigerating them in their original packaging and consuming them within 24 hours. As for other Godiva chocolates, you get a bit longer until you have to eat them.

If you'd like to store your Godiva stash for up to two months, you can do so by storing them in a refrigerator. As tempting as it is to pop half-eaten Godiva chocolates in the refrigerator as-is, Godiva advises placing the chocolates in two tightly sealed plastic bags and then storing them in the refrigerator. This will keep the moisture from interacting with the silky chocolate. Eat By Date also says that chocolate tends to absorb smells and flavors of anything that it is stored next to, so, if you are storing a half-used onion next to half-eaten Godiva chocolate, you might end up with chocolate that tastes suspiciously like an onion — unless you store it in a sealed plastic bag, that is.

Godiva chocolates can also be frozen in two sealed plastic bags in the freezer for up to six months. When you are ready to eat them, simply remove the chocolates and bring them to room temperature while they are still in the plastic bags. This should take about two hours if you are removing them from the refrigerator and about six hours if they were stored in the freezer.