Who Duff Goldman Says Really Eats The Leftover Cake From Buddy Vs Duff

A Roman soldier riding in a horse-drawn chariot. A haunted pirate ship covered in skeletons. A giant flower patch with enormous bugs. These are just a few of the epic cakes crafted by baking titans Buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman on their Food Network show "Buddy vs. Duff." Just thinking of the hours of labor and pounds upon pounds of eggs, butter, sugar, and flour that the show requires is enough to make your head spin. So, what actually happens to these edible works of art once they're revealed and judged?

You may be thinking you'd love an opportunity to get near one of those cakes with a glass of milk, a fork, and plenty of time. But, don't forget, these creations are immense, and probably sit out for a while during filming. Still, it feels so incredibly wasteful to just trash all of that food, doesn't it?

With the third season of this friendly baking rivalry show in full swing, people are talking about the final fates of those jaw-dropping cakes. We recently reported the revelation that it seems many of these oven-made sculptures get ushered to the garbage after episodes are shot. Reality Titbit wrote, "While the cakes certainly look impressive on 'Buddy vs. Duff,' it doesn't seem to be a 'thing' to eat them.'

"It's a gigantic waste of food," Reality Blurred echoed, a bit more to the point. But, is that always true — does no one ever get to enjoy these cakes?

The show's crew might be the ultimate winners

It does seem like, yes, sometimes some of the artfully constructed cakes on "Buddy vs. Duff" end up in the trash for the simple and unfortunate fact that they've been sitting out too long. The story that really shocked people and is no doubt part of the reason viewers are still paying attention to the food waste issue here is that in 2014, Valastro made a 400-pound cake version of Wrigley Field for the stadium's centennial celebration, and the magnificent creation ended up in the dumpster, uneaten. It made headlines in outlets like the Chicago Tribune, and so every time Valastro (or his now-friend and co-star, Goldman) present one of their gigantic cakes, fans wonder where it's ultimately headed.

Perhaps, though, many of these cakes have a happier ending. "Television crews are like a plague of locusts that consume everything in their path," Goldman tweeted when someone asked him outright about the cakes on "Buddy vs. Duff." "Decorated cakes are no exception." 

"Can confirm," tweeted Jeff Hockett, a reality show camera operator who has worked on "Ace of Cakes" — just in case you still needed convincing. In our opinion, this is a much more positive outcome. Those hard-working crew members get to indulge on masterpieces made by famous bakers at the top of their game, generating less food waste in the process. No matter who wins "Buddy vs. Duff," we think the crew members are the real victors here.