TikTok's Top Oddly Satisfying Food Critic Is Not What You'd Expect

When thinking about food critics, usually people like New York Times writer Pete Wells, Gail Simmons of "Top Chef," or even Anthony Bourdain come to mind. Most well-loved and respected critics often have years of training, work with impressive TV networks or publications, and have proven their ability to objectively judge food.

But on TikTok, all rules seem to go out the window. The app, known for viral dance challenges and short-form video content, has become a place where anyone can become a voice of authority — no need for a fancy company or title backing you. The same goes for "#foodtiktok" — the culinary side of the app, home to all types of trends and hacks.

One of TikTok's most satisfying and followed food critics breaks all the traditional rules of the medium — for one, the critic doesn't even try the food! But despite the limitations, fans still love to get this one creator's reaction to all the best meals and dishes featured on the app.

Even if you think you're prepared to meet the internet's newest celebrity food critic, you might still be surprised, because this food connoisseur is anything but what you'd expect.

TikTok's Favorite Food Critic Is... Mickey Mouse?

Yup, TikTok's favorite food critic is a puppet Mickey Mouse, voiced by Hassan Khadair. The "oddly satisfying" (a trend in and of itself) videos often feature a side-by-side video of food being made and Hassan/Mickey's reaction.

Besides the obvious joke, Khadair has carved out a niche as a vulgar Mickey Mouse. While critiquing the food, Mickey will often mix a few foul words into his creative monologues — made even funnier by the fact the impression is really good — with effortless switches into a deep, angry, growl-like voice.

The account has over 5 million followers, and each video tends to get upwards of 200,000 likes. "I can't stop watching these," one fan commented. They're not the only one — "Please, I've been binge watching all your vids I can't breath," another person wrote on a video featuring an ice cream factory.

The combination of a character so deeply linked to childhood, vulgar and sometimes inappropriate comments, and the complete absurdity of the concept seems to be the perfect recipe if you want to become TikTok's favorite food critic.