Here's The Trick To Perfect S'mores, According To Buddy Valastro

S'mores are the quintessential summer treat. They carry all the nostalgia of summer camp, trips to the wilderness, or backyard barbecues, ending a day of fun on a sweet note. They're simple and delicious, and pretty much everyone has their own theory of what makes the "perfect s'more." Even Smithsonian Mag got in on testing the best methods and ingredients for what makes the most ideal s'more.

The history of the s'more is multifaceted, with each essential ingredient — marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker — having its own unique history. But the recipe for the sweet and gooey dessert sandwich is largely credited to the Girl Scouts back in 1927.

That said, there's been quite a long time for the snack to achieve popularity and subsequently have sweet-toothed folks experimenting to find the recipe for the ultimate s'more. Buddy Valastro, better known as the "Cake Boss," is no exception, and we're willing to listen to a thing or two he has to say when it comes to crafting the perfect dessert.

Buddy Valastro advises doing this to get perfect s'mores

In a recent piece by Good Morning America, the Cake Boss chef discusses how most people sitting around the campfire want to immediately stick their marshmallow in the midst of the flames. You've seen it: the exciting moment when the marshmallow itself catches on fire, at which point you yank it back to safety, blow out the flames, and the result is a charred and blackened mallow.

But Valastro's number one piece of advice is not to do that. Instead, he suggests, keep the marshmallow high above the flames so it doesn't catch fire but still gets a good amount of heat. Doing this gradually cooks the marshmallow through to the inside and results in that beautiful, golden-brown coating. "Then it's got that creamy bite," he says.

The chef recently shared a TikTok video where he watches another user craft a s'more sandwich (with deliciously gooey salted caramel, which we're now making a s'mores requirement, thank you), where he playfully says "Don't burn my marshmallow!" as the original poster blows the flame off one. We're all ears and ready to patiently toast our marshmallows that are up to Valastro's s'mores standards. Though he's not the S'mores Boss, he is the Cake Boss, and cake fondant is made with marshmallows, after all.