Nailed It! Season 6: Release Date, Challenges, And More - What We Know So Far

It's officially happening. Netflix has dropped the trailer for Season 6 of "Nailed It!" on YouTube. Not bad considering that the previous season just launched in March.

For those that have managed to miss the first five seasons and yet clicked here anyway, the show is essentially like the various "Baking Championship" specials but with the twist that no one who competes can actually bake. So, you can expect lots of laughs in this show as incompetency triumphs over ambition. As Netflix itself describes "Nailed It!" on YouTube, "It's part reality contest, part hot mess, and you can't look away."

The series has been Emmy nominated and The Wrap reports the show won an MTV Unscripted Movie & TV Award in the lifestyle category this year, so you can expect "Nailed It!" to impress with its displayed mistakes.

Fans know all of this already. But, if what you really want to know is when it's coming back and what the challenges are, Mashed has the scoop.

What is the release date for 'Nailed It!' Season 6?

According to a press release shared with Mashed, the sixth season of "Nailed It!" will air on Netflix starting September 15. That gives you a little bit of time to binge every episode leading up to the new season — there's 46 to get through to get caught up, but the show moves quickly and is highly entertaining.

As it is a Netflix series, it will almost certainly be released simultaneously as one block that you can binge at once at take or your own pace. And if you devour the episodes in a flash and are left with feelings of longing for more, don't fret. "Nailed It!" has been nominated for several Emmys, including this year in the Outstanding Competition Program and Outstanding Host categories. So, the producers have plenty of incentive to assemble even more series — and clearly they can do so in just six months. And if we're really lucky, a third season of the "Nailed It! Holiday!" spin-off will follow before the year is over, too.

What kind of challenges will appear in 'Nailed It!' Season 6?

This latest season of "Nailed It!" looks to follow the format of previous seasons. In each episode, bakers will face two challenges. First, they will compete in a "Baker's Choice" feat in which they scramble to choose one out of three options to recreate. Then, in "Nail It or Fail It," they have to recreate a more intricate cake. The winner takes home a $10,000 prize.

Each episode has a theme that informs what the bakers will be working on during the time allotted. In the upcoming season, Netflix teases that bakers will face paranormal subjects in one episode and honor Black History Month in another — and they will also "attempt to recreate chocolate masterpieces inspired by our very own Jacques Torres," a series judge. The other episode themes have been kept secret and probably will continue to be mysterious until the full season releases properly in September. 

One could try to speculate what challenges participants would be up against, as previous episodes have included topics of space, pre-history, and Greek mythology. But regardless of what the theme is, the one certainty is that the desserts prepared for the show will look and taste very little like what they were supposed to.

Who will be the judges and hosts on 'Nailed It!' Season 6?

It appears that the core team hosting and judging "Nailed It!" will remain the same. Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres will continue their honed relationship as co-host and judge while Wes Bahr appears to return as the assistant director and joke-object.

However, some new faces are slated to appear as participants and guest judges. And, according to the names given by Netflix, the network has gone all out this season. That list includes actor Sam Richardson from "Veep" and "Detroiters" fame as well as comic Wayne Brady, known for "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" The show also invites on comedian Reggie Watts and rapper Big Freedia to each judge an episode. The lineup is rounded out by comedian and scriptwriter June Diane Raphael and Sasheer Zamata who worked on "Saturday Night Live" from 2014 to 2017 and is a current celebrity ambassador for the ACLU. There's also a guest baker this season, none other than Jack McBrayer, of "30 Rock" fame.

All, no doubt, have been picked for the potential of their reaction to the monstrosities they'll see — and we are here to see it all go down.