Duff Goldman Loves This Popular Fast Food Chain's Fries

Celebrity chef and pastry legend Duff Goldman may be a renowned name in the food industry, but just like the rest of us, he loves fast food, casual restaurants, and easy at-home eats. According to Spoon University, his favorite non-sweet snack is soft-boiled eggs combined with hot sauce, while one of his favorite guilt-free meals is sushi. "You never really feel bad after eating your weight in sushi," he told Parade. The Ace of Cakes also enjoys dining on burgers and has even revealed L.A. Buns to be his preferred place to get them in Santa Monica, California (via Parade). 

Though Goldman has "the palate of a 5-year-old," he said to Parade, he is also an artist who appreciates the finer work of talented chefs. He has a balanced view of food and restaurants, you could say. When he does go out for fast food, he said that one crispy potato dish reigns supreme.

Goldman enjoys fries from McDonald's

According to Goldman, fries from McDonald's are hard to beat and are always worth a trip to the fast food chain. "I do really love McDonald's french fries, and to say that you don't is just nonsense because they are delicious," he told Parade matter-of-factly. While the side is a classic, it's worth considering that Goldman has a special connection with McDonald's: It was where he held his first job. "One of the most important jobs in my career. No hyperbole," he said about the experience on Twitter.

Goldman began working at a Cape Cod, Massachusetts McDonald's when he was 14, far before his culinary school days, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. To this day, he says the work taught him the importance of consistency and customer service. He didn't mention whether or not he snacked on fresh fries during his shifts, but either way, we're glad to know that the job didn't ruin his love for the salty treat.