Aldi's Probiotic Spritzers Have Fans Excited

If there's one thing better than a delicious new Aldi Find, it's a delicious new Aldi Find that may be able to improve your health one refreshing sparkling beverage at a time. This week, the Instagram accounts The Amazing Aldi and Aldi Favorite Finds each posted images of some new VitaLife organic sparkling drinks hitting Aldi shelves. Available in the flavors Pineapple Mango and Strawberry Mint Peach, these "limited edition flavors," as the cans read, contain 70-80 calories each and are a source of beneficial probiotics.

Probiotics, which are most commonly found in fermented foods like sauerkraut, kefir, kimchi, and kombucha, are a form of good bacteria that help maintain a healthy gut. Consuming a diet rich in probiotics can lead to improved digestion, reduced inflammation, and a better functioning immune system (via Healthline).

According to She Knows, Aldi's new offering could have been inspired by a gut-friendly prebiotic soda brand, OliPop, which has gone viral on social media for its tasty, low-sugar sparkling beverages. The VitaLife drinks are a more affordable option than OliPop's sparkling tonics, which are priced at $41.99 per variety 12-pack. Aldi's new VitaLife spritzers are priced at $1.99 per 12-ounce can and are available at select Aldi stores nationwide (via the Aldi website). But regardless of why they came about, these drinks inspired excitement among Aldi's fans.

What are Aldi fans saying about these sparkling beverages?

The Instagram snapshots of the new Aldi beverages generated buzz among shoppers, whose reactions ranged from cautious curiosity to enthusiastic praise. Reacting to the post by The Amazing Aldi, user lifting_lemons wondered, "Ok but do they actually taste good?" "They do!" exclaimed The Amazing Aldi. User kaitlynschrock seconded that opinion, adding, "I was pleasantly surprised!" A third responder wasn't too thrilled about the Pineapple Mango spritzer but nonetheless held out hope for the Strawberry Mint Peach they had yet to test. By contrast, beany731 declared both flavors "delicious" and actually preferred the pineapple option. Others expressed an eagerness or an outright "need" to try them.

The Aldi Favorite Finds post was met with a soaring endorsement by user emmykake, who said, "The probiotic drink is seriously one of the best drinks I've ever had!!! Definitely will be getting more." Meanwhile, amanda_vega620 was taken aback by how much they enjoyed the pineapple flavor, which they said was so good that they went back to the store for more. Obviously, there's no accounting for taste. But since the drinks can be bought individually on the cheap, trying them probably won't be bad for your wallet and would hopefully be good for your gut.