This Is What It's Like To Be A Chef On A Submarine

Fancy grabbing some food on a submarine? Curious about what you'll be served onboard? Well, the experience is stellar if online accounts are anything to go by. As per the Los Angeles Times, considering that most officials spend several months on a submarine, it is essential to ensure that they are served delicious fare every day. "When we're out to sea, the highlight of the day is food. There is not much else to look forward to," senior mess specialist Salvador Rico explained. This makes sense, considering that those working on submarines are usually cut off from the rest of the world.

Submarine chefs aren't holding down easy jobs. Most of them come equipped with impressive backgrounds, such as degrees from renowned schools like the Culinary Institute of America. Some also have work experience at some of the best restaurants in the country. It all comes in handy; the job is incredibly demanding. A Redditor wrote that submarine cooks always make their meals from scratch. They added, "You will be in a constant cycle of preparing for the next meal, serving the meal, cleaning up the galley from cooking, and preparing the next meal." According to Popular Mechanics, a submarine cook has to be willing to thrive under stressful conditions, including tight working quarters.

It is a demanding job

The 2004 book "Submarine Cuisine" offered insights into the job. For one, submarine cooks need to keep things neat and tidy. Additionally, they can't step away from their schedule and have to adhere to a strict food budget each month. 

Creativity is a big part of the job too, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer, though generally, "the fare doesn't differ much from what you'd find in a diner." Submarine chef Christopher Engman said that classic dishes such as mac 'n' cheese never fail to impress. Pizza is always a hit. Engman had a favorite of his own: "I love to make my Philly cheesesteak. That lets me bring a little bit of home." While the workload is huge, submarine chefs do get access to high-quality appliances to make their jobs easier.  

A Redditor also pointed out that it's important to build a rapport with others on the submarine. They wrote, "The majority of an underway submarine experience depends on how well you get along with your fellow shipmates. As a cook, you will be one of the people that has some 'likability' going for you automatically." Being slightly considerate and focusing on the details can take you a long way. The Redditor explained, "The crew will love you for putting time & care into the food, even if it's a simple meal." A pleasant demeanor, impressive job skills, and dedication — as another Redditor explained, "Our job in the galley is to try to make the rest of the crew happy to be here."