The Surprising Amount Of Money This McDonald's Coke Bottle Sold For

McDonald's and Coke products may not have too much in common, but among the few similarities they share (aside from how good an ice-cold Coke tastes with a burger and fries) is how valuable their products can be. Collectors will pay up to $1,000 for a complete set of 1990s McDonalds Furby toys from Happy Meals (via Ranker). And a Coca-Cola serving tray featuring a painting by legendary American artist Norman Rockwell once sold at auction for $1,610 (via The Spruce Crafts). Indeed, the little plastic toys and glasses you remember from your childhood may be worth a small fortune!

Although both brands have their own sets of memorabilia, there is actually is a valuable item that combines both McDonald's and Coke as a selling point. It's not the first Coke machine put into McDonald's. It's not some obscure McFlurry-flavored Coke (though that does sound appealing). Instead, the item is a Coca-Cola bottle created in celebration of China's very first McDonald's location (via Rarest).

How is a Coke bottle so valuable?

Of course, a bottle of unopened Coke from anywhere in the world normally isn't valuable enough to pay over $1,500 for, as someone did, this particular bottle of soda pop is unique in the fact that it comes from the first McDonald's location in China. In 1990, the first McDonald's opened in Shenzen, a special economic zone in China (via Transparent Language) that acted as a an international trade hub for foreigners and made for an ideal area for the American company. Two years later, a second, much larger location with 700 seats and more than two dozen cash registers opened in Beijing (via SupChina).

With so much history attached to the Coca-Cola bottle, as well as the significance of its link between America and China, it's no wonder this bottle got so much attention from collectors and ultimately sold for $1,545.