The Truth About Godiva's Kosher Chocolate

Chocolate is a classic dessert option that you can opt for anytime, anywhere. It's a definite crowd pleaser if you think about it. One of the most well-known brands in this category is Godiva, a Belgian company that was first created in 1926 by Pierre Draps (via Insider). The brand has an impressive presence around the globe, with outlets in over 100 countries. The team takes its work rather seriously; they spend around a year finalizing a new concept. This process includes a lot of steps such as coming up with a promising recipe, testing it at various stages, and carrying out production at the company's factories.

As per the brand's website, its products are created with the help of traditional recipes and are made "using only the very finest ingredients." The company claims that all its chocolates are halal certified and some products are suitable for those following a kosher diet as well.

Godiva's kosher collection is impressive

Godiva tries to cater to all kinds of customers. As far as kosher requirements are concerned, Godiva does manage to live up to all expectations. A description on the brand's website reads, "Our kosher selection of chocolates is certified by the Orthodox Union to meet the stern dietary requirements they pose." Additionally, its kosher products have the "OU-D symbol" that lets consumers know that the product is suitable for consumption.

The company does have an additional note to add, though. It reads, "please be advised that while the chocolate is kosher, they may not be suitable for some Jewish holidays such as Passover. Additionally, dairy ingredients in our chocolate make most of our products not pareve." That said, customers have more than 20 different Kosher options to pick from. Some of the options include dark chocolate truffles, milk chocolate covered cashews, a nut and caramel gift box, and more.