TikTok Can't Believe This Mind-Blowingly Simple English Muffin Tip

Popular TikToker @sidneyraz has made a cottage industry out of videos showing things he wishes he would have learned before he was in his 30s. In addition to perpetuating the stereotype that Millennials are slow learners, Sid may be performing a real community service, teaching his nearly 1 million followers something new.

His recent TikTok video about English muffins went viral, attracting 1.6 million views so far. He hasn't had a video that big since the one revealing that he had just learned how to wrap a towel around himself. (We won't ask who did that particular chore for him before.) With English muffins, Sid says he just learned that you're supposed to open them up with a fork, and he shows just how well the utensil works for this particular task. He also makes a point in the video of reading the directions on the back of his English muffin box (with reading glasses — are you sure you're not in your 40s, Sid?). The directions read, "Split using a fork."

The secret to splitting English muffins is no secret -- it's written on the box

Some commenters on @sidneyraz's English muffin-splitting TikTok seemed to be forking amazed — or at least they felt the urge to use this play on words. "What the fork did I just witness," one commenter said. Other commenters wanted to one-up the "I wish I knew this before I was in my 30s" guy. "I found this out at 27," a particularly smug TikTok user commented. Still other commenters helped out by explaining the reason for the fork method. "It's how you get all the nooks and crannies," user @changeisforeverr said.

English muffin companies weren't keeping the fork-splitting method a secret. It's right there on the box, for all to read. "I guess the real lesson is you're supposed to read instructions," a commenter said. Another one made a counterpoint: "We're the generation that skipped the terms and agreements. We don't read directions."

Other commenters thought they had a better idea for splitting English muffins: Use your hands. That's what chefs do, anyway, as demonstrated by chef Tim Love on YouTube. The fork method may look easy, but it's really a bit too much. As one commenter on Sid's TikTok said, "I don't have time for that thought process and then having to wash the fork after."