Creme Saver Fans Can Finally Celebrate After A 10-Year Wait

The favorite hard candy of your childhood is back after a decade-long hiatus. The sweet, creme-swirled, fruit-flavored treat that you used to go crazy for before the candy was discontinued is returning as Mars Wrigley and Iconic Candy will re-release its famous Creme Savers candy (via Thrillist). Let the memories of sifting through the candy dish at grandma's come flooding back as you finally have another chance to pop this decadent and more flavorful alternative to the original Life Savers (via Wide Open Eats) in your mouth once again. 

If you think you are the only one excited over the candies' comeback, think again. A press release published by PR Newswire explains that Creme Saver candy lovers have been demanding the company reinstate the long-lost sweets for quite some time, and clearly, Mars Wrigley and Iconic Candy heard the fans loud and clear. The Twitterverse has been talking about the retired candies for years now. One user reminisced about better times, writing in 2018, "The last time I had my life together, I was eating a strawberry Creme Savers." In 2015, @_sydneyjanay posted a parade of smiling emojis and wrote about the joy of finding a bag of Creme Savers "when no one else could find them."

At least for now, fans of the candy can hope better times are in front of them and that everyone will be able to find Creme Savers waiting to be savored.

Two previously popular flavors are back

Thrillist reports that the Mars Wrigley and Iconic Candy company will release the two most popular Creme Savers candy flavors, Strawberries & Creme and Orange & Creme, as a "starting lineup." Of course, that wording could be taken to mean that more of our favorite flavors are to come in the future ... or at least, we hope so. Another surprise fans may get excited over is that the candies will be sold in their original packaging, which might invoke fond memories, making those candies even sweeter to snack on. 

According to a press release, beginning in mid-September, Creme Savers will be returning to Big Lots stores in 47 states (via PR Newswire). While we do know that the candies will be restricted to the two flavors, we can't say for certain whether this is a limited-time release or the dessert-flavored suckers are here to stay. With this exciting news upon us, the next question looming is: Will we see Breyers start promoting its Creme Saver yogurts again?