This Video Of Chocolate Being Made From Scratch Is Oddly Satisfying

It has to be said: chocolate is chocolate. Few things taste as satisfying as a huge chunk of chocolate, after all. Perhaps your preference is the dark variety, or maybe you tend to reach out for milk chocolate when you are craving something sweet. Perhaps you like making a cup of hot chocolate when you need to recover from a long day, or maybe you prefer to unwind with a bottle of chocolate beer

Here's a cool piece of information: Per Mental Floss, chocolate was once considered so precious that it was utilized as currency by the Aztecs. Whoa. Additionally, chocolate making isn't that easy or straightforward. You need at least 400 cacao beans to make a pound of chocolate. Yikes. But hey, it's all worth the effort in the end, right? Per Eat This, Not That!, the scientific term for chocolate (Theobroma cacao) can be translated as "cacao, food of the Gods." Sounds about right, folks!

That's probably why Redditors are currently admiring a video of chocolate being made from scratch. It's a complex process that involves several steps and the video is undoubtedly mesmerizing. In case you are wondering, chocolate making begins with cacao seeds that are fermented. The next step is to roast the beans that ultimately lead to cacao nibs. These nibs then go through a grinding process to make cacao mass, which is then added to other ingredients to manufacture chocolate bars (via Science of Cooking).

Redditors are intrigued by the process

The Reddit video lays out the different steps needed to create a delicious chocolate bar. Per Redditors who have been trying to make sense of the process, the whole thing seems fairly intimidating — especially in the beginning. One commentator joked that chocolate is pretty scary when it's first made using cacao pods. You have to remember that the pods looks nothing like chocolate at this point. As another Redditor noted, "Terrifying but still delicious. The flesh around the cocoa is actually pretty sweet and balances the bitterness very well. Pretty slimy though lol."

Meanwhile, a chocolate maker wrote that the video is fairly legitimate. They said, "This is really good overview of the process and I'm actually quite impressed with the look of the result." However, they also mentioned that the actual chocolate bar is probably going to be grainy and not the best in terms of texture. 

For another viewer, the clip was extremely nostalgic because they were reminded of their childhood when their grandmother would make chocolate from scratch. They said, "We used to have cacao trees back in my home country and my grandma would make chocolate almost exactly like this and this just took me back to when I was 7." Aww, man!