Sonic's Cheesy New Menu Item Combines These 2 Classic Foods

There's nothing like some good, classic, comfort food. Some dishes are just plain enjoyable to eat, which is why Sonic Drive-in is combining two classic foods to make a dish that is indulgent, satisfying — and downright delicious. The popular chain announced it will be releasing its new Grilled Cheese Burger, which combines all the gooey, decadent flavor of a classic grilled cheese sandwich with the hearty, savory taste of a good old-fashioned cheeseburger.

This new burger starts out with the same base as a classic Sonic grilled cheese sandwich, which is made with melty slices of American cheese served on thick, buttery Texas Toast. Then, Sonic added in a 100% all-beef seasoned burger patty, along with mustard, ketchup, and diced onions, to create a bold and flavorful new dish, according to Business Wire. Customers can even add a second patty to make it a double cheeseburger, for an extra hearty Grilled Cheese Burger experience.

Sonic's new Grilled Cheese Burger will be available nationwide for a limited time

So, if you have been craving something extra-cheesey and indulgent lately, then you don't have to look any further than your local Sonic to satisfy those cravings. But you won't want to wait, because the new Grilled Cheese Burger will only be offered for a limited time. This delectable new menu item will be available at participating Sonic locations nationwide beginning now through September 26, 2021, or while supplies last, for a suggested retail price of $2.49, according to Chew Boom. But that's not all. Sonic is even offering fans the chance to snag this new item for half price if they order online or through the Sonic app.

"A grilled cheese sandwich becomes even more craveable when you pair the flavor with a savory 100% pure beef patty and extra toppings," Scott Uehlein, vice president of product innovation and development for Sonic, said of the new release, via Business Wire. "Guests no longer have to choose between these classic menu items because the Sonic Grilled Cheese Burger simultaneously fulfills the need for both burger and grilled cheese sandwich, upping the cheese factor in a big way!"