Popular Sonic Menu Items, Ranked Worst To Best

If you've ever been on a road trip in the United States, you've probably seen more than a few fast food joints on your travels. One place that's pretty popular, though, is Sonic Drive-In, a fast-food restaurant with a seriously dedicated following.

Sonic Drive-In is more than just a regular fast-food joint, though. For starters, as the name implies, it's actually a drive-in, meaning you can just park your car, order your food, and sit in your spot in your car while you eat it. So, it's pretty convenient. Additionally, Sonic's menu is pretty robust considering how quickly you're usually served. The establishment offers everything from classics like hamburgers and fries to fried jalapeños and soft pretzels. Seriously, the Sonic menu can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you've never tried it before. 

So, if you want to know what to order next time you go, read on for the most popular Sonic menu items, ranked worst to best. After all, just because something is popular, doesn't mean it's good.

17. Sonic's chicken slinger isn't worth it

If there's one popular Sonic menu item you should steer clear of, it's the Chicken Slinger. It might seem appealing, but at the end of the day, it just isn't worth it. More than that, there are so many other chicken sandwich options that this one is better left ignored.

To be fair, the Chicken Slinger on the Sonic menu certainly looks appetizing. But looks can be deceiving, and this sandwich is the perfect example of that. While Sonic's other chicken sandwiches are perfectly adequate, this version is not only less than half the size of a regular chicken sandwich, but it's also made of a meat that's not on-par with the rest of Sonic's chicken products. The chicken in the Chicken Slinger can best be described as an oversized, under-seasoned chicken nugget, and not in a good way. The rest of the sandwich is also pretty mediocre, and you're better off ordering another from the menu, such as the Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

16. Don't waste your time with a Sonic breakfast burrito

Anyone who is from the south, or Texas in particular, will tell you that the Breakfast Burritos at Sonic aren't the best breakfast burritos out there. To say they aren't authentic would be an understatement. After all, a real breakfast burrito from a well-known, real Mexican food restaurant won't be made with tater tots. Additionally, the burritos at Sonic are all typically stuffed with more eggs than anything else, as eggs are a lot cheaper than the meats that are supposed to be in the burrito.

But taste, authenticity, and egg ratios aside, the breakfast burritos at Sonic are also seriously unhealthy. According to Eat This, Not That!, the Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito is one of the worst things you can order off the Sonic menu — and actually one of the worst burritos at any fast-food joint for your health. Not only does the burrito have over 2,000 milligrams of sodium, but it also has 0.5 grams of trans fat, both of which are terrible for your heart. So really, don't waste your time with this one.

15. The French fries are pretty bad at Sonic

Just like the hamburger, French fries are a classic fast-food item. And when you think of Sonic Drive-In, you might just assume that their French Fries are good, because why wouldn't they be? After all, most fast food joints have good, if not great, French fries. 

However, at Sonic, the French fries are something you should probably avoid. Not only are they pretty bland, and need to be dipped in something to actually enjoy them, but they're also seriously unhealthy. So if you're going to eat something fried and not healthy, at least make it something good, and the French fries at Sonic aren't it.

Even Thrillist ranked the French fries at Sonic pretty low, noting that they were pretty bland and boring, adding the fast food chain had better offerings than the limpy fried potato. Seriously, while you might think that French fries are the best side dish to go with a hamburger or just a delicious snack to enjoy alongside a soda, at Sonic they're actually pretty bad.

14. Sonic's grilled chicken sandwich is pretty blah

With such a huge menu, it's understandable that some of the most popular Sonic Drive-In ordering options wouldn't be as memorable as others. And their Grilled Chicken Sandwich is about as boring as it gets at the fast-food chain. Seriously, with all the delicious other options at Sonic, why would you get a sandwich with little to no flavor, no texture, and nothing different to set it apart?

Honestly, the only good thing about the Classic Grilled Chicken Sandwich is that it has a brioche bun. Other than that, the lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise are all pretty basic, and the grilled chicken itself is also super bland. Sure, it's seasoned, but not well enough. And there's no side dish that can save it, either. Though the sandwich does offer a healthier alternative to some other Sonic menu items, with only 490 calories and 0 grams of trans fat, that's probably the only good thing about it.

13. Any of the popcorn chicken options at Sonic are just mediocre

Perhaps one of the most popular items at Sonic that really shouldn't be that popular is the Popcorn Chicken. Even if you're the world's biggest chicken nugget or popcorn chicken fan, don't waste your time with this menu item. The plain popcorn chicken and it's two sauced alternatives, with either buffalo or honey BBQ sauce, is seriously mediocre. The chicken itself is fine, but the breading on it is far too thick, and doesn't really have much flavor.

In fact, one online review of the Jumbo Popcorn Chicken at Sonic describes the menu item as pretty bland, dry, and not very crispy but with too much breading. And that perfectly sums up the popcorn chicken at the chain. Sure, you can add one of the two sauces for an extra kick, but it's still not going to have a great texture. The only good thing about the popcorn chicken at Sonic is that it's easy to eat while driving, and you can dip it in just about any sauce since it has little flavor. Other than that, it's pretty blah.

12. The hot dogs at Sonic are OK

With a menu as large as the one Sonic Drive-In has, there are obviously going to be some items that aren't great, but also aren't terrible. And the Hot Dogs at Sonic are kind of exactly in the middle. Well, maybe they're a little better than some other items that are just plain mediocre.

And, to be fair, the hot dogs at Sonic actually have pretty good flavor. In fact, Insider ranked them as the best fast-food hot dog out there. But, they only compared the Sonic hot dogs to the hot dogs from Five Guys, Checkers, and Dairy Queen, so there wasn't much competition. 

Still, it would be unfair to label the hot dogs from Sonic as bad, per say, as they also have a decent texture. The only reason they're rated lower on this list is because there are so many other delicious menu items on the Sonic menu, and hot dogs in general are, well, pretty basic. Well, unless you get the Chili Cheese dog or All-American Dog, in which case, you up the ante

11. Sonic's French toast sticks are a decent breakfast option

Believe it or not, but Sonic Drive-In has a pretty robust breakfast menu. And one of the best items on that menu are the French Toast Sticks, which are delicious, filling, and a great on-the-go breakfast when you're craving something sweet.

Online reviews of the French toast sticks at Sonic give the menu item plenty of props, and that's for a reason: They are exactly what you would expect, and that's a good thing. They come piping hot with a packet of maple syrup for dipping, and are seriously decadent when you dip them. The French toast sticks also have a crispy coating that's thicker than your average French toast, but it works super well for the product because it makes them easier to hold and dip, and gives you a satisfying crunch when you bite into them. Basically, this is one of the better items at Sonic, and if you're a breakfast person, you should definitely try these delicious sticks.

10. Adding chili and cheese to Sonic's fries improves them

As we previously mentioned, the French fries at Sonic Drive-In aren't the best. Seriously, if you're just craving a crispy, salty, delicious French fry you're better off heading to McDonald's. But, if you want to jazz up your Sonic French fries, then the chili cheese topping they offer is actually pretty good.

Online reviews rave about the Chili Cheese Fries at Sonic, and they're not wrong. While the plain French fries at Sonic aren't anything special, once you add Sonic's chili and cheese to them, they become almost a meal on their own. The chili is perfectly spicy (with no beans in case you were wondering), and the cheese gives just the right amount of savory creaminess to balance it all out. Seriously, these are the kind of chili cheese fries that you imagine when you think about chili cheese fries. They are the epitome of flavor, and definitely one of the best things you can order at Sonic.

9. The burgers at Sonic are surprisingly yummy

Whether you want a classic hamburger or something with a twist like the Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Sonic is the place to go. Their Burgers are surprisingly yummy, and for the low prices of the Sonic menu, they're totally worth it.

In a review of the Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Insider wrote that the burger was "an upstanding young burger in the prime of its life — it's the quality burger that Burger King's Whopper wishes it were." And that's right on the money. Of course, the burgers at Sonic might not be made of Wagyu beef or feature restaurant-quality add-ons like truffles or gouda, but they're still more than adequate. 

Indeed, a burger from Sonic will far exceed your expectations of what a fast food burger should be, so if you're a big burger fan, then definitely give them a try. The burgers at Sonic might not be gourmet, but they are delicious, filling, and all you could really want from a fast-food burger.

8. Give the Ched 'R' Peppers at Sonic a try

Sonic Drive-In might not be beloved for its French fries, but they have another snack that will steal your heart: The Ched 'R' Peppers at Sonic are seriously a game changer. Even if you don't like regular jalapeño poppers, or are afraid of things being too spicy, you should still try them out at least once. The Ched 'R' Peppers are half a jalapeño loaded and stuffed with cheddar cheese, deep fried in a crispy coating, and made to be dipped in ranch dressing. They're definitely one of the most unhealthy menu items at Sonic, but they're also one of the most delicious.

And if the fact that they're made from jalapeños scares you, don't worry. Sonic removes all the jalapeño seeds, rendering the Ched 'R' Peppers virtually spice-less. But, they still pack plenty of flavor. According to one online review, the Ched 'R' Peppers at Sonic are pretty tame as far as spice goes, but they're still tasty. Additionally, the Ched 'R' Peppers are a relatively cheap side dish to order from Sonic that are sure to fill you up. One order is only $2.99, and comes with four peppers, all of which are pretty big.

7. Sonic's corn dog is simply perfect

For any corn dog lovers out there, head to your closest Sonic because their corn dogs are hard to beat. The description of Sonic's Corn Dog is simple enough. "A delicious beef hot dog wrapped in sweet corn batter and fried to a crispy golden-brown," per their website. But as anyone who has had a Sonic corn dog knows, there's a perfection to their simplicity. Seriously, the corn dogs at Sonic are practically in a league of their own for how yummy they are. 

Sonic's corn dogs typically only cost 99 cents at most Sonic locations, and the chain often offers deals where they're only 50 cents for special days. But just what makes them so good? Well, one online review put it perfectly, claiming the corn dogs were seriously delicious — and seriously cheap, too. "A heavenly union of deep fried sweetcorn bread wrapped around a salty wiener. Mustard and or ketchup not needed. Perfection as is!" Basically, the Sonic corn dog is just a corn dog, but it's one that's very well made, and packs in a ton of flavor.

6. The tater tots at Sonic are the perfect side dish

Since the French fries at Sonic Drive-In aren't all that great, you might assume that the tater tots would be bland, too — but that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, the Tots at Sonic are so good that in one online review, a self-proclaimed tater-tot obsessor ranked them as the best they've had in their life. That's a pretty impressive feat, but it also makes sense; the tater tots at Sonic are the perfect combination of salty, crunchy on the outside, but smooth and soft on the inside, and go perfectly with any dipping sauce you like.

Like the French fries, you could order the tater tots with chili and cheese, but that isn't really necessary. Obviously, the chili cheese topping at Sonic is delicious, but the tater tots don't need it like the French fries do, that's for sure. So, if you ever order a burger or chicken sandwich, hot dog, or anything else from Sonic and consider just getting the French fries as your side, swap them out for the tater tots. Seriously, they're the fried potato side dish of your dreams.

5. Sonic's onion rings are super special

Clearly, if there's one thing that Sonic Drive-In does well, it's snacks and side dishes (other than the French fries). Take, for instance, their Onion Rings. The onion rings at Sonic are the perfect snack, or perfect addition to your main meal like a hamburger or hot dog. But, there's a reason why Sonic's onion rings are so special.

First of all, a former Sonic employee told PopSugar that most Sonic locations will have an employee whose main job is to slice fresh onions and hand-bread them in their special batter. That means the onion rings at Sonic are super fresh and seriously delicious. And as far as that secret batter recipe is concerned, you might be surprised to learn that the onion rings at Sonic feature a tinge of vanilla and sweetness, because they're dipped in vanilla ice cream. Yep, as strange as that sounds it's supposedly true, and honestly, the onion rings are delicious, so it totally works.

4. The Sonic Blasts are always a good call

Like their snacks and drinks, Sonic Drive-In is also pretty well-known for their treat options. Between their frozen slushies that come in a variety of flavors, milkshakes, vanilla cones and hot fudge sundaes, there are so many delicious desserts at Sonic that it can be hard to pick just one. But the real treasure at Sonic in terms of sweet treats are the Sonic Blasts. The Blasts are basically Sonic's version of the Dairy Queen Blizzard, with rich and creamy vanilla ice cream swirled with your choice of candy or cookie toppings.

According to one review of the Sonic Blasts, the dessert is seriously amazing. "It's rich, full-bodied, and creamy, making it one of America's favorite ice cream choices," a fan wrote. "The blend of candies is excellent — you'll likely get at least one bite of candy in each spoonful." And considering the fact that there are a million ways you can customize the Blast, it's definitely something you should try out during your next Sonic run.

3. The soft pretzel at Sonic is beloved by everyone

Sometimes when you're out on the go running errands or on a road trip, you start to crave a delicious, simple, yet filling snack — and Sonic Drive-In is the perfect place to stop for just that. Obviously you could stick with the classics like tater tots or a corn dog, but one of Sonic's best snacks is actually a relatively new menu item, the Soft Pretzel Twist. Reviews online were pretty glowing about the soft pretzel, and that's not exactly shocking.

For starters, who doesn't love a warm, soft pretzel? At Sonic, the soft pretzels are just the right size so they don't fill you up completely, but still satisfy your cravings. Additionally, they are cooked perfectly, with a slightly crispy outer layer and a soft and fluffy inside. The pretzel is topped with big flakes of salt to give it plenty of tang, and the cheese sauce you dip it in couldn't be more perfect. All in all, the soft pretzel is one of Sonic's best snack options and you should definitely try it out.

2. Sonic's mozzarella sticks are so delicious

Finally, the best food item you can get at Sonic Drive-In is without a doubt the mozzarella sticks. These delicious little snacks come in a variety of sizes depending on how hungry you are, as well as a packet of marinara sauce for dipping. But don't rule out the ranch dressing from Sonic for your mozzarella sticks, too, as it provides a nice alternative to the traditional marinara sauce.

Per the Sonic menu, the Mozzarella Sticks are pretty standard. "Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside," the restaurant claims. But, that might just be underselling them. MyRecipes ranked the mozzarella sticks at Sonic as the best fast-food mozzarella sticks around, claiming, "the cheese can stretch for miles (we exaggerate), but you'll satisfy your cheese pull itch most certainly. You don't even need the marinara sauce." 

If you only get one snack from Sonic, let it be their mozzarella sticks, trust us.

1. The cherry limeade is a classic for a reason

If there's one thing that Sonic Drive-In is famous for, it's their seemingly unlimited drink options. The fast-food chain serves up everything from sodas, teas, lemonades, limeades, slushes, and even waters, all with an endless list of flavor and mix-in options. But there's one drink from Sonic that reigns supreme and is a beloved classic for a reason: The Cherry Limeade from Sonic is the perfect blend of sweet and tangy, and is the ultimate refreshment for a hot, summer day. Or any day, really.

The Sonic website describes the drink as "iconic," and they're not wrong. It's made with fresh-squeezed lime juice, delicious cherry flavoring, and of course poured over Sonic's beloved nugget ice. If you're searching for your new favorite non-alcoholic drink, or just your new favorite drink in general, then the Sonic Cherry Limeade should be next on your list to try. It's seriously delicious, and even the diet version is just as good.