What Natural Light Fans Need To Know About Its New Lemonade Vodkas

Remember the good old days, when if you had a craving for alcohol you reached for a beer, a glass of wine, or a cocktail? Well, since then the alcohol landscape has become much more varied. These days, you can get a buzz from ice pops, ice cream, and green tea, to name a few — all with added booze. And that's without even touching on the massive hard seltzer trend that started in 2019 and is ongoing, which includes brands like Smirnoff, Polar, White Claw, and many, many more. By all accounts, the extra-booze-for-your-buck food and drink trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

One category of spiked drinks that seems to be expanding lately is that of canned and bottled teas and lemonades. There's Twisted Tea, Arnold Palmer Spiked, and, of course, Mike's Hard Lemonade, which those of us of a certain age might remember picking up with our first fake IDs. And now, a new offering by Natural Light — aka Natty Light, aka the watery beer of choice of frat parties — is raising the eyebrows of fans of hard lemonade.

Boozy lemonade in a bottle

Watery, malty, low-ABV Natty Light beer might call to mind some less-than-golden moments from our college days, but the brand Natural Light has been revamping its alcoholic offerings of late. The St. Louis, Missouri-based brewery rolled out a line of alcoholic ice pops as well as spiked seltzers, and recently announced the debut of Lemonade Vodka, a 30-percent ABV vodka available in the original, strawberry lemonade, and black cherry lemonade flavors (via Delish).

The high alcohol percentage of these vodkas makes them a choice for mixed drinks or a splash on the rocks, as opposed to lower-alcohol hard lemonades that are sipped like beers or coolers. Available in both 50 and 750 milliliter bottles, they're apt for solo sipping or for bringing the party. And Natural Light seems to have confidence in their new product, so much so that they're offering a money-back guarantee. Don't like these new vodkas? Just submit your receipt to the company before September 13, and you'll get your cash back. Now that's a proposition we can get behind.