Gordon Ramsay's Hilarious Reaction To TikTok's Bizarre Hot Dog Hack

We can certainly think of worse fates that might befall a foodie than logging into TikTok only to discover that cranky, outspoken celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay has made his own TikTok video for the express purpose of registering his horror over your latest cooking hack. In fact, now that Ramsay has been spending increasing time trolling TikTok for bizarre food hacks that cause him distress — be it anger, nausea, or just a general feeling of abject superiority — we're actually wondering if it wouldn't perhaps be a bit of subversive fun to start peppering in our own video recipe collection with the occasional intentional clunker here and there. 

If only for the sole purpose of eliciting yet another hilarious rant from Ramsay, of course. But never have we ever been feeling the level of FOMO that we're feeling today as we watch the chef's hilarious reaction to TikTok's bizarre hot dog hack. It appears to involve the pouring of molten lava on a wiener, until the meat is reduced to what looks like a horrifically charred Slim Jim on a blackened bun (via TikTok).

Gordon Ramsay's reaction to the latest TikTok hot dog hack is actually pretty on-point

You know how you were supposed to have long ago learned the important life lesson that no one likes an internet troll? Well, we have actually discovered an exception to this and that is that when you're a celebrity chef known for your cranky tirades, you will seemingly have a free pass and fans will love you for it. Case in point, when the "Hell's Kitchen" star recently watched TikTok's bizarre hot dog hack and the social media platform couldn't get enough of it. 

"What the frick?" Ramsay asks as he begins his rant. "Now I've heard of hot mustard, but seriously, lava? On a hotdog? What are you doing? Seriously. Honestly? Man! What in the hell are you doing to that hot dog? Stop it. You've burnt my weiner!" So far — and it's only been just over a day — 1.6 million users have liked Ramsay's reaction video, and 26,000 users have commented. And many of those thousands of comments not only affirm Ramsay's rant but copy it, literally, word for word — but particularly the bit about the "burnt weiner."