Costco's Stoneware Bowl And Plate Set Is Turning Heads

While Costco may be best known for its great deals on groceries, that's certainly not all it has on offer. It is also a great place to shop for housewares, furniture, electronics, and other quality household essentials at affordable prices. And some of their most popular home goods are its dishware sets, which are big hits with shoppers thanks to their cute designs, high quality, and wallet-friendly price tags. 

And now, a fan-favorite stoneware set has just returned to Costco shelves, to the delight of many customers. The wholesale store is selling six-piece sets of Over and Back Bowl and Lid/Plate Sets, which feature six stackable white stoneware bowls and multi-functional lids that can also double as a plate set, according to the Costco website. They are also microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, and oven-safe up to 348 degrees F. And the price makes this quality six-piece set an absolute steal.

Costco shoppers couldn't stop raving about this stoneware set

The popular Instagram account @costcobuys made a post alerting their followers to the great price for this multipurpose new find, writing: "Grab this stoneware over & back 6-piece bowl & plate set for just $14.99! I really like how the plates double as lids!!" Their followers were quick to respond with rave reviews of this cute and functional dishware set. 

Follower @jullsnelson raved: "I love this set! One of my favorite Costco buys." "Those are beautiful," @cgiles87 commented. One Instagram user suggested, "This would be good for pho," while another responded that this set would be "great for college students." "Bought 3 sets! Thanks for the heads up on this find!" another satisfied user responded. So if you've been hoping to score some quality new stoneware sets without breaking the bank, then you'll definitely want to consider heading to your local Costco to pick up a set of these affordable, multi-functional, and stylish bowls and plates.