Martha Stewart Wows Instagram With A Peek At Her Courtyard

Martha Stewart gave fans a peek at her courtyard on social media, and it looks as wonderful as you'd expect. Lush and green, this visual getaway calls to us even in darker, rainier weather. In fact, after this incredibly warm summer across the U.S. (via The Weather Channel), we keep scrolling through this photo drop of green serenity and just feeling the cool breezes. Explaining what is arguably the most standout feature of her images, Stewart wrote, "Years ago I purchased this faux Bois cement pergola. It stayed in storage until this spring when I placed it in the center of the courtyard where my dogs spend a lot of time. I centered it on a doorway and placed a large antique birdbath in the center" (via Instagram).

Fans can see this pergola that appears almost wood or sticklike from a distance set atop fine gravel over an aged yet seemingly-in-good-condition birdbath. The feature is surrounded by lush plant life which Stewart describes further: "The plants are some of my growing collection of potted cycads, eugenias, and other semi shade loving plants this is a romantic and beautiful space surrounded by a home grown hedge of horn beams."

Martha Stewart's courtyard is the stuff of dreams

In pictures that show a larger view of the courtyard, we can see that Martha Stewart's ferns are vibrant and boast a brighter green than the surrounding hedges (well-manicured of course). On Instagram, admirers heaped praise in words and emojis, calling the courtyard "incredible," "inspirational," and "beautiful." One commenter was bursting with exclamations, saying, "Wow!!!! Spectacular!" 

Fan beatle_grown loved the flora and fawned over Stewart: "You're absolutely amazing Martha [heart eyes emoji] It's so old world spectacular." While many fans used their words to lavish compliments, one cautioned about the dogs being near these specific palms. User jaynenc said, "All parts of a cycad are toxic. When I moved to coastal GA, the first thing I did was pull out the sago palms because my dogs are naturally curious. If your pups like to play there, I wouldn't take a chance." 

Others imagined the courtyard as the setting for a wedding or baptism. Some wanted to learn from the home and garden goddess, asking about plant storage in the winter or how she keeps weeds at bay. We hope Stewart will educate us on the correct way to create a courtyard worthy of a palace. Either way, fans were happy to get a peek at hers.