These Frozen Cheese Curds Have Costco Shoppers Divided

Cheese curds are squeaky bites of salty casein goodness. Fried cheese curds, in particular, offer delicious flavors with added melted goodness and an exterior crunch. You need only take the cheese bites and dip them in sauce. (Ranch dressing for South Dakotans and marinara for everyone else.) These Costco frozen cheese curds by Farm Rich will definitely satisfy your snacky cravings. Each box boasts 2.5 pounds of cheese snacks and a reported 12 grams of protein per serving (via Reddit). The box also boasts real Wisconsin cheddar with a crispy golden coating.

As user Shidell shared, how you prepare these snacks will determine how much you enjoy these frozen curds. "I've had pretty awesome results with these in an Air Fryer. We like them." User SmallTownDA added, "I bought one bag. Then went back and bought 4 more while they were on sale. Super good." In fact, many readers talking about these cheese curds enjoyed them quite a lot. Almost everyone, that is, except for those from Wisconsin.

Not all cheese curds are the same

Wisconsin natives are taking issue with this frozen appetizer being labeled "Wisconsin cheddar" (via Reddit). To be fair, while many areas make their own types of cheddar cheese, the Wisconsin variety is both a distinct and also highly versatile cheese (via Wisconsin Cheese) — definitely something to be proud of. True natives of the state don't take kindly to a watered down version of their local favorites. As original poster and taster MikeDorty said, "As a Wisconsinite all I can say is: my disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined."

You might think the Redditor is being dramatic, but their feelings are actually rather mild compared to others. Said drsheep422, "You should know better." And user NoDownsideToOutside added, "Any fried cheese curd that doesn't come from a bowling alley or carnival in WI is a waste." Although, they hedged their advice with an edit, noting someone could make "a strong case can be made for MI, MN, and maybe IA, as long as the cheese is sourced from Wisconsin."

When it comes to proper fried cheese, poster MrPickEm seems to have the sum of the situation, "Look, I am also from Wisconsin, I understand the ache to get curds and the heartbreak when they are bad, so I feel you." The Redditor went on to say, "BUT if you bought boxed curds thinking they were going to be good.... that kinda seems like you knew what you were walking into."