How McDonald's Is Celebrating 'Moon Viewing' In Japan

In Japan, there is an autumn custom of "moon viewing," or tsukimi, where people gather together to celebrate the glorious harvest moon, which is exceptionally bright and beautiful every Fall in this Pacific nation. According to Nippon, tsukimi was adopted from China and began centuries ago to thank the gods for a bountiful rice harvest and plant the seeds for happy harvests in the future.

Today, friends and families still gather to view the amazing fall moon, often feasting on dishes that are topped with a fried egg to represent the heavenly sphere that is the moon. According to Sora News 24, the term "tsukimiā€ refers not just to moon viewing but is used when fried eggs are added to a dish, like noodles or curry. It's no surprise that fast food companies have gotten in on the tsukimi festivities, and McDonald's Japan is no exception. This year (via Food Beast), the brand is featuring a menu of egg-topped offerings that includes burgers and breakfast sandwiches. Here's what you should know about the special menu.

Tsukimi menu features eggs and more

Per Sora News 24, the classic Tsukimi burger is an egg-topped hamburger that can be ordered with or without cheese. It features bacon and a condiment called Yuzu Shichimi (which translates to "seven spice") mayo.

Another buyer called the "Rich Melty Tsukimi" is a cheese lover's treat. Like the classic burgers, it also has a fried egg, bacon, cheese, and spicy mayo. Plus, it comes with a cheese sauce and is served on fluffy cheese buns. For breakfast, there is Tsukimi muffin, and limited-time-only fries are also part of the Tsukimi event. These are served with the Yuzu Shichimi condiment as well.

For dessert, there is a Tsukimi Pie featuring a red bean and mochi sticky rice filling. McDonald's Japan is also offering a Tsukimi McFlurry with warabimochi (sweet dumplings), kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup) sauce, and crushed ice cream cone pieces flavored with roasted soybean flour (kinako). Finally, McDonald's Japan's LTO event is offering a Tsukimi McShake made with wasanbon (a refined Japanese sugar) and kinako.

The McDonald's Tsukimi menu items will be on offer during the prime moon viewing weeks of September 8 through mid-October, except for the McFlurry, which will be available from September 15 until mid-October, according to Food Beast.

Last year, "Paolo From Japan" (via YouTube) tasted the Tsukimi menu (which was similar to this year's menu) for those of us who cannot partake in Tsukimi season at McDonald's Japan. His conclusion: "Nothing says love like a McDonald's burger with an egg inside."