Gordon Ramsay Getting Mistaken For Jamie Oliver Is Instagram Gold

As popular as celebrities are, even other famous people can mistake them for someone else. Reportedly, Margot Robbie once met Prince Harry at a party and confused the English royal with Ed Sheeran (via Insider). Better yet, Lady Gaga once mistook Isla Fisher for Amy Adams, and the actress played along with it. When you've never met a person in real life before, such mixups seem understandable. So naturally, someone who's farther removed from the world of celebrity might even confuse two culinary megastars who famously had a tense war of words with each other.  

Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, both celebrity chefs with successful restaurants around the world, have had a tumultuous relationship in the past. An eight-year-long feud between the two began when Gordon Ramsay made impolite comments about Tracy Grimshaw's appearance on national television, something that didn't sit right with Oliver (via Metro). Since then, Ramsay has called Oliver a 'one-pot wonder' and Oliver suggested that Ramsay should get a botox and thought that his wife Tana Ramsay was a far better cook between the two.

However, Hello! magazine reported that the Ramsay-Oliver feud has long been settled following the collapse of Oliver's restaurant chain. Regardless, following the duo's rocky history of rivalry, when a person mistook Ramsay for Oliver, needless to say, the exchange captured by Ramsay on Instagram was gold.

A workman repeatedly referred to Gordon Ramsay as Jamie Oliver

Gordon Ramsay shared a video of the funny incident with his followers. In the clip, he asks a workman what his name is, to which the person cheerfully says what sounds like "Jamie O'Lega," presumably mistaking Ramsay for his former Australian rival. Ramsay replies, "No, not Jamie [O'Lega], Jamie Oliver." Trying to coax the workman to say the other chef's name correctly, Ramsay even briefly sings, "Say my name." Ramsay appears bewildered by the entire exchange as he says, "What the f***!" to the camera at the end.

Ramsay posted the hilarious moment with the caption, "Hi guys...it's @jamieoliver and I'm ready for the weekend !!" Fans couldn't stop laughing. One amused commenter remarked, "Yes Gordon, there's still people in the world that do not know you." Another called the mix-up "too good." Even Jamie Oliver (the real one, not the Ramsay one) replied to the video with a "Hahaha."

Knowing Ramsay's hot temper and his sharp tongue, actor Scheiffer Bates replied, "I feel like you chopped him up after this and served him at the savoy." Another commenter said, "Man would be scared as s*** if he knew who he was lmaoo." It does seem like the workman had a fairly lucky escape from being roasted by Ramsay!