The Bradley Cooper Movie You Should Never Watch On An Empty Stomach

Unlike horror movies where you might want to skip the large dinner if you get queasy easily, there are some movies that you want to make sure you watch on a full stomach.

One of the great things about modern movie technology is just how good everything looks. Even the talent of animators is more advanced than it's ever been, with faux food looking good enough to make your mouth water (via Serious Eats).

And of course, who doesn't love looking at the face of a beautiful celebrity? That's also part of the magic, right? Who better to feast your eyes on (see what we did there?) than the star of epic movies like "The Hangover," "A Star is Born", and "Limitless" (via IMDb), Bradley Cooper? No one, that's who.

The man can rock any look, from suit-wearing, clean-cut businessman to rugged country rockstar. So when he appeared as the star of a movie about a chef, we were immediately on board.

Why you'll regret watching Bradley Cooper's Burnt on an empty stomach

Cooper's 2015 culinary drama, "Burnt," is about a talented chef who lost his way in life and is getting back into the cooking game (via IMDb). We know this even just from the trailer because the stunning food cameos are quite hard to miss.

According to Hungry Howies, the insane creations from Cooper's character Adam Jones, who is a three-star Michelin chef, warrant a placement on its list of "15 Movies You Should Never Watch When You're Hungry." That's because in this suspenseful and surprisingly action-packed drama, we watch Jones prove his worth with every new dish he serves. Close-ups of melting butter for a sauté and crystal clear views of brightly colored and expertly plated dishes have our mouths watering and us running into the kitchen.

If this movie doesn't stop at simply making your stomach growl, it'll also have you busting out every pot and pan in sight and ordering a new set of knives so you can channel Cooper's finesse in this tantalizing flick. Highly recommended watch (just don't skip dinner).