27% Of People Wish This Discontinued Soda Would Make A Comeback

We all get nostalgic for foods and drinks from our youth, even if they're a little weird. Thankfully, some items like Dunkaroos and certain cereals like Oreo O's, French Toast, and Eggo have made a comeback, but other things are sadly gone forever. We can't tell you how much we miss Kudos bars, Altoids Sours, or Frootloop and Oreo straws. There are some sodas that we all miss dearly, and they probably won't be making a comeback anytime soon. 

In a survey conducted by Mashed with 637 respondents, people voted on which discontinued soda they miss the most (or pop, if you're from the Midwest) and wish would make a comeback. There have been a large number of tried (and failed) new soda flavors, and while some of them have stuck around, others didn't make it as long and fizzled out, much to our disappointment. Thinking about all these old sodas is like taking a trip down memory lane, back to simpler times when Crystal Pepsi still sat on the shelves, and you could still find those Scooby-Doo fruit snacks that were, for some reason, so dang good.

Most respondents wish Sprite Remix would come back

If you were drinking soda in the early 2000s, you'll probably remember Sprite Remix, the tropical berry-flavored version of Sprite that we all couldn't get enough of. According to the survey conducted by Mashed, nearly 27% of 637 respondents wish this fizzy drink would make a comeback. With all the fun flavors of Sprite they've released over the years, we're sort of surprised this one hasn't come back yet. 

Crystal Pepsi, the clear-colored version of Pepsi, was voted on by 19% of respondents. Maybe it was the strangeness of seeing it clear that led to its ultimate failure. New Coke received 16% of the votes, even though it debuted in 1985 and didn't last for very long (via Eat This, Not That). Jolt Cola, another 1985 release, was a highly caffeinated soda that was meant to be consumed like an energy drink. It received 14% of the votes. Pepsi Blue, an early 2000s creation, came in with a little over 12% of votes. Maybe it was the crazy color that people don't associate with soda other than Mountain Dew that made this one fail. Speaking of crazy colors, Life Savers soda was an unfortunate experiment that didn't last and tallied up almost 10% of votes in the survey. The least-missed soda in the group was Josta, an energy drink that recently made an appearance in the TV show "Loki," which received only 2% of votes.