Costco Shoppers Are Obsessed With This Veggie Roaster Seasoning

We all know what happened with Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel seasoning blend when it first sprang onto the market. Its popularity created such a demand that, as Pros to Know notes, you could buy it on Amazon because people were gaming the system by buying it in store and reselling to make a profit (via Money). The inexpensive and versatile topping quickly garnered attention and was copied by Aldi, whose version was perhaps even better in some situations (via The Kitchn).

That's not Trader Joe's only innovative seasoning to garner quick attention. Even Food Network raved about their Everything but the Elote seasoning, which mimicked the taste of the popular Mexican street corn dish. And Aldi matched them flavor for flavor, coming out with their own Elote option, as well as an umami flavor and Nashville Hot Chicken seasoning (via Aisle of Shame). Well now, it seems, Costco wants in on the seasoning game too, and shoppers are definitely not upset about it.

The flavor spicing up Costco's spice rack

Costco has somehow not only copied a very profitable game plan in adding seasonings to its offerings, but also somehow found a way to make eating vegetables fun and enjoyable for even the more picky non-veggie eater. An account on Instagram called @costco_doesitagain discovered an Urban Accents brand seasoning called Balsamic and Roasted Onion Veggie Roasters, and even the name could make mouths water. One follower commented, "This sounds amazing."

A person who has tried it confirmed the sentiment noting, "This is amazing!!!! I use it all the time."

According to a Forbes interview, Tom Knibbs and Jim Dygas, the couple who created the Urban Accents line of blends, the flavor is their "number one item" for Brussels sprouts. "The idea is to bring a balsamic flavor profile into powdered form and make it easy. The package has beautiful photography on it. Our customers want to be told, 'This is fantastic on Brussels sprouts.'" 

Sounds like this is a must grab on any upcoming Costco trip.