The Heartwarming Way This Chick-Fil-A Fan Spent Their Reward Points

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you realize you have a huge number of reward points racked up at your favorite fast-food chain? The number of free dinners you can redeem it for, of course. Some incredible people, however, choose to use their loyalty points for a slightly better cause.

Last year, WRDW reported that 7-year-old Riley Hall used all of her 9,600 reward points to buy Chick-fil-A sandwiches for police officers and firefighters. "We were trying to do it because we knew that they were helping us a lot and trying to make sure that all of us are safe and sound," she told the news channel. Even better, Chick-fil-A added another 19 sandwiches to Riley's order and turned all the orders into full meals on the house.

A similar predicament presented itself to another Chick-fil-A loving fan, who took to Reddit to ask fellow Redditors for suggestions on how to use the massive reward points that they had saved up. What u/butterboy451 ended up doing with the points will leave your heart melting.

The Chick-fil-A fan bought salads and cookies for hardworking firemen

Butterboy451 posted a screenshot of their reward points on Reddit, asking people for suggestions as to what to do with it. The Chick-fil-A One Signature Member had a whopping 216,057 points to redeem before December 2021, and Reddit offered dreams of delicious opportunities to the user. "Hundreds upon hundreds of waffle fries in one go," suggested one user. Meanwhile, another wrote, "I think you have enough points that you can redeem them for your own Chick-fil-A Franchise."

Some users offered more heartwarming and generous ideas, suggesting that the points be spent on buying meals for schools, hospitals, firefighters, and police officers. Taking their advice, the fan decided to buy free meals for the local fire department in their area. With the 216,057 points, the Chick-fil-A fan bought 25 regular Cobb Salads, 10 Spicy Southwest Salads plus another three of each Cobb, Spicy Southwest, and Market Salads for firefighters. Additionally, the firemen were also given seven six-pack Chocolate Chunk Cookies for a treat.

Reddit couldn't appreciate the fan enough (and rightly so) with one Redditor admitting "holy s*** that's awesome. Your [sic] a good dude, all I would be able to think is, I'm gonna eat free for the next year or so." Another firefighter thanked the fan, adding that "as a firefighter, thank you, some of us really love chick fil a so i'm sure they'll love it."

Now there's a good idea for when you're looking for inspiration on how to redeem your hard-earned reward points!