TikToker Offers 'Sincerest Apologies' For Making Off-The-Wall Pasta Flavors

Over the years, TikTok has stood out as a playground for food hack enthusiasts and adventurous cooks. Many have taken to trying out some particularly weird foods and flavor mashups on the app, like combining watermelon with yellow mustard and pickles with peanut butter cups (via Purewow). But with so many daring experiments and failed food hacks, it might be hard to imagine what could be so extreme as to make a creator on the platform say the equivalent of "I'm sorry for doing this to food and getting you to watch it." Well, it turns out that a TikToker with a brave brain and a pasta maker has done the imagining for you.

User @safiyany decided to experiment with a custom pasta machine and share the results on TikTok. The dishes created in the video are certainly extraordinary in their own zany way. As described in the video, the pasta machine can use whatever liquid you want to add flavor and color. So @safiyany opted for root beer, strawberry milk, and matcha to make what Foodbeast describes as "ungodly pasta dishes like strawberries 'n cream and root beer float pasta." These dishes were topped off with equally bold ingredients such as strawberry syrup, whipped cream, and strawberries for the milk-flavored pasta and ice cream and soda for the root beer float pasta.

Daring to dream the im-pasta-ble dream

The TikToker, perhaps jokingly, captioned the video "my sincerest apologies to pastatok" about three-quarters of the way through the 44-second clip, they also offered "apologies to you if you made it this far" in what might be interpreted as a hilariously deadpan voice (via TikTok). But some in the comment section didn't sound very forgiving. One person wrote, "Straight to jail." Another viewer commented, "This was upsetting." And someone even said, "[I] can hear my Italian neighbors next door crying over this video."

And yet others took a liking to the idea or came up with their own suggestions, like the astute @Nixi! who wondered whether the machine could be used to infuse sauces like alfredo into the pasta itself instead of merely adding it on top. At the end of a scroll through the comments, it's actually unclear whether the apology was even necessary. And given that the video has about 2 million likes and more than 11,000  comments and was shared about 32,000 times, it seems safe to assume this video got the result @safiyany wanted, despite protests to the unnatural nature of the flavors.