TikTok Thinks This Cheesy McDonald's Secret Menu Item Is A Total Fail

Fast-food eateries are serving up some pretty delicious food these days, far beyond the standard cheeseburger or chicken sandwich, but some people have found that venturing off the menu will yield an even tastier meal. Patrons at McDonald's have gotten particularly creative with this concept, coming up with things like the Snickers iced coffee and the McGangBang, which Hack The Menu dubs as one of the chain's most famous secret menu items. If you don't know, it combines a McChicken and a McDouble together into one decadent sandwich that goes for far less than the price of a Big Mac.

Those looking for something a bit lighter than the triple-meat concoction, or who simply have an affinity for cheese, may be interested in knowing that Mickey D's also has the ability to whip up a grilled cheese in their kitchen, which TikTok user @mcdonaldscreations recently demonstrated how to make. A video recently posted to the TikToker's account showed a McDonald's employee putting two hamburger buns through the toaster before flipping them over and creating a sandwich with two slices of cheese in the middle. The clip has received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, including one from a user who noted that the meal was a great option for vegetarians. A second commenter said that the hack was "pure genius," but unfortunately, not everybody shared the same sentiments.

Many found this McDonald's hack far from impressive

As it turns out, TikToker @mcdonaldscreations's cheesy McDonald's creation is hardly a secret. Many commented on the user's video saying that they or someone they knew had been putting the hack to use for some time now, while others revealed that their McDonald's location actually listed a grilled cheese on the menu. Several TikTokers from Canada also chimed in saying that the grilled cheese used to be a standard offering at the Golden Arches in the Great White North, though CBC reports that it was removed in 2018 for both nutritional and financial reasons.

Despite many people's familiarity with this McDonald's secret item, what truly seemed to turn them off to it was the appearance of the meal itself. "Bruh cheese ain't even melted," one user wrote. 

"That's not a grilled cheese. That's a warm cheese sandwich," another declared. 

Some offered ways to improve the dish, like actually cooking it on the grill, or adding bacon and tomato into the mix, though we're not sure how much better that would make this secret menu item, which one TikToker went as far as renaming a "sadness sandwich." Perhaps it's best to file this away, along with the similarly problematic spill-free French fry trick, as another McDonald's hack to avoid and make your own ultimate grilled cheese sandwich at home instead.