This Popular Geico Commercial Actually Inspired An Ice Cream Flavor

Ice cream fans will want to hear about a special offer to win a limited-edition pint, courtesy of Geico. While the connection between ice cream and an insurance company might not be a natural one, Geico has always chosen unique ways to advertise its products. Motioncue indicates that Geico's long-term advertising success has been in part due to the clever ways the company combines humor, plot, and overarching themes to drive its point home.

The famous '90s hip-hop duo DC Glenn and Steve Gibson from Tag Team spoke with Food & Wine about a popular Geico commercial released at the end of 2020. If you're confused about what it has to do with ice cream, the duo's multi-platinum single "Whoomp! (There It Is)" was reworked to be "Scoop, There It Is." In the commercial, Glenn and Gibson make an appearance in a woman's kitchen, naming and pointing at various ingredients to make the perfect bowl of ice cream. By the end of the ad, everyone is dancing and tasty bowls of ice cream are ready to serve.

How can you win the special pint?

According to Food & Wine, Geico contacted New York ice cream producer Mikey Likes It Ice Cream to recreate the iconic dessert from the commercial. The source describes that the flavor consists of a vanilla base combined with cookie dough, a peanut butter swirl, and chocolate-covered marshmallows. DC Glenn and Steve Gibson told Food & Wine that they will star in another commercial, where they eat the new flavor with a group of dancers. The hip-hop duo remarked that the dancers were definitely on board with the flavor and you surely will be as well.

Fans will have the chance to win a pint of the delicious ice cream by entering a dance contest, per Food & Wine. To compete for a free pint, participants should start by following @GEICO on TikTok or Instagram. Then, a bit of courage is required because to qualify, you'll have to upload a video of yourself dancing to "Scoop, There It Is" and tag @GEICO and #GEICOIceCream. Glenn and Gibson will be watching all of the entries, so be sure to show off your best moves. However, USA Today noted that the final selection will be random.

Anyone interested in winning a pint of Tag Team's unique ice cream flavor will need to post their dance video to social media between September 17 and October 1.