Why Costco Shoppers Are Arguing Over This Vegan Butter

When people decide to go vegan, it means they have to cut out quite a few items from their diet, including common foods that appear just about everywhere, like eggs and butter. But luckily, Costco seems to have the answer for vegans looking for a perfect butter substitute. Some warehouses are carrying Miyokos European-style cultured vegan butter, a completely organic, dairy-free spread that is made from plant milk and contains no artificial flavors. And right now, this plant-based product is on sale for a steal at just $6.99 for a value pack of two 8-ounce blocks.

But while this is certainly a great deal on an otherwise somewhat pricey vegan item, that didn't prevent it from sparking some debate on social media. Instagram user @costcobuys posted a rave review of the product to their account, but some of the responses were less than thrilled with one thing about the "butter." Some people found the name to be misleading, since the product is not really butter. "Butter is made from dairy, so this isn't butter. It's plant-based spread. Name it what it is!" Instagram user @barbiekins2u explained. "Definition of butter (Entry 1 of 2) 1: a solid emulsion of fat globules, air, and water made by churning milk or cream and used as food," agreed @lindatempleton7712.

Some people find the term 'vegan butter' misleading

While it may not be made from real dairy, the product promises to do everything real butter can do. Instagram user @costcobuys assured followers that the Miyokos vegan butter "really performs," saying "it melts, browns, spreads, and bakes just like dairy butter. It even freezes!" Other followers were simply excited to see that a new vegan product was being offered at Costco for such an affordable price. "Excellent price!!!! One is around $5-.5.50," raved @glassoverboard. "Probably the most exciting thing I have seen at Costco lately. Two for the price of one when you think about what you pay for it at the grocery store!" @tessreveling agreed. Other shoppers expressed hope that the item would also soon be available at their local Costco warehouses. So if you are vegan and looking for a plant-based spread to add to your toasts, sandwiches, or baked goods, then you won't have to look any further than Costco. This Miyokos vegan spread is sure to satisfy that need — no matter what you call it.