The Truth About Frank Scuderi From Worst Cooks In America: Halloween Redemption 2

Sometime around 2010, Food Network must have run out of quality chefs to put in front of its cameras. That's when the network debuted "Worst Cooks in America" (via IMDb), a food competition series that's an extended joke at the expense of its contestants. The formula has proven successful, as Food Network recently concluded Season 22, and we're all just waiting for "Worst Cooks in America" Season 23.

Before that happens, we're going to see "Worst Cooks in America: Halloween Redemption 2," airing on September 26 (via Food Network). The show will feature "Worst Cooks" veterans who are returning for a second chance to prove they are the best of the worst. The four recruits coming back to boot camp will compete for more than redemption; the winner also gets a $5,000 kitchen makeover, according to Food Network's contestant webpage for the show. "Worst Cooks" fans will remember one of the contestants, Frank Scuderi, from Season 14. He came into that 2018 season just wanting to be able to cook traditional Italian Sunday dinner for his family (via DIscovery+).

After Worst Cooks in America, Frank Scuderi started a YouTube cooking show

Season 14 of "Worst Cooks in America started with 14 contestants (via Food Network), and Frank Scuderi made it to the final six (via Discovery+). Scuderi, an Italian dad who reminded cohost Robert Irvine of Danny DeVito, couldn't beat the two male models on his team during a cake challenge and had to turn in his apron. But Scuderi was upbeat in his little farewell speech at the end of his fateful episode. "I'm very proud. I came to boot camp to learn how to cook for my kids. You know what, I think I did an all right job." Then, he had a message for his family: "Kids, Sunday dinner's on me. Mommy's gonna make the cakes."

Since filming "Worst Cooks," Scuderi has been honing his cooking skills and hawking T-shirts on his YouTube channel, "Cooking with Frankie Meatball." The channel had a modest 666 subscribers on September 15, but that number can only go up after Scuderi gives "Worst Cooks" another go on "Halloween Redemption 2," September 26. The Food Network's promotion of the show on its website mentions that longtime host Anne Burrell will be joined by Michael Symon this time around, not Irvine. Recruits will contend with "terrifying ingredients" on "Halloween Redemption 2," but we suspect that Scuderi's fear of the kitchen has subsided now that he's got his very own YouTube cooking show.