This Hack Allows You To Make Curly Fries Without A Spiralizer

Everyone knows the satisfaction of a great French fry. A sprinkling of salt, a bit of fryer oil, the crispy outer layer, the soft insides. Fresh out of the fryer, hot enough to burn your impatient taste buds. While the world may not agree on the best cut of fry (wedge, shoestring, waffle, crinkle), there is something truly magical about a perfect curly fry. That tight spiral, pleasantly reminiscent of a slinky, but better — because this one is crispy potato covered in salt. Just don't throw it down the stairs.

For most of us, curly fries are a delicacy of sorts, usually found only at fast food restaurants and in the frozen section at the grocery store. After all, the average American doesn't have a spiralizer just sitting around in their kitchen. What even is a spiralizer? Have no fear — there is a hack for making curly fries at home, even without the fancy equipment.

Preparing the magic spirals

As The Daring Kitchen explains, the simplest way to make curly fries begins with a spiralizer. Of course, not everyone has one handy. Cutting potatoes without the help of a spiralizer can be tricky, but it's definitely doable. First, choose your potato. The bigger the potato, the longer the curls. Russets are a popular choice, but any type of white potato will work just as well.

After skewering the potato, carefully use a knife to cut spirals, rotating the potato as you go. Evenly cut spirals will look the prettiest, but do looks really matter if the fries still taste good? Nah.

If baking your fries, spread the spirals on an oven tray, topping with your choice of oil and seasonings. Cook at 350 degrees for about half an hour. If frying your fries, drop those beauts in some oil (also preheated to 350 degrees) and season them afterwards.

After cooking your curly fries, all that's left to do is enjoy them! Whether as a side or a stand-alone snack, these curls will bring a smile to your face (and your stomach, if stomachs could smile). Experiment, and try different dips. Ketchup is fairly standard, but are you sleeping on something more amazing? A milkshake, maybe? Guac?

However you choose to eat your homemade curly fries, remember that you made them and the calories don't count. (All jokes aside, enjoy responsibly.)