Everything We Know About Jelly Belly's New Reebok Collab

Footwear brands and iconic food chains have long been collaborating on stunning food-themed sneakers, and successfully so. In 2020, Nike joined forces with Ben & Jerry's to release a line of sneakers with a faux cow print fur and gave their signature tick mark an ice cream drip makeover (via Forbes). Saucony released Dunkin' Donuts-themed sneakers in 2018 that came packaged in a donut takeaway box. Even Momofuku, David Chang's beloved noodle bar chain, got a special line of Nike sneakers with a peach printed onto the shoe's heel.

The latest collab for food lovers and sneakerheads comes from Reebok and a leading candy company — Jelly Belly. Reebok is releasing a line of sneakers inspired by Jelly Belly's jelly bean flavors, and fans can expect A LOT of color. According to a press note released by the shoemaker, the shoes will represent jelly bean flavors through the use of "bold colors on the shoes and [the flavors are] illustrated on the sockliners of each model." Even better, the shoes are going to be manufactured using a type of textile that is made from sugarcane which, as Jelly Belly fans know, is the plant that provides the sugar to make its sweet jelly beans.

The unisex collection will include sneakers for both adults and kids and will be available for fans to get their hands on starting September 26, with a wider global release after September 28 through the Reebok website.

The Jelly Belly Reebok collection features five sweet kicks

The Jelly Belly Reebok collection features five sneakers priced between $90 to $130, all inspired by different jelly bean flavors. Reebok's classic Club C Legacy sneakers are getting two candy-themed makeovers in the Jelly Belly collection. The first Club C sneaker is Reebok's take on the legendary BeanBoozled challenge. If courageous candy fans remember, BeanBoozled requires players to spin a wheel and eat the jelly bean that the arrow points at. The catch? Each color comes in two flavors — one is a yummy jelly bean flavor and the other is a creatively disgusting one. Inspired by the challenge, the BeanBoozled shoe comes with the word "CAUTION" printed on the shoe and refers to all the jelly bean flavors of the challenge on the top.

The second Club C Legacy comes with contrast stitching and a chalk upper that is overlaid by colors of Jelly Belly's most popular flavors like lemon-lime, island punch, and cream soda. The third sneaker — Instapump Fury — may be for any Jelly Belly fans that love the candy's more bright flavors. The multicolored shoe is seemingly inspired by sour cherry, pink grapefruit, berry blue, lime, and plum jelly bean flavors.

Reebok's Club C Revenge too is set to get a jelly bean-themed transformation, with a chocolate pudding jelly bean-inspired design replacing the topmost lace hole of the sneaker. The sneaker will also have colors of strawberry daiquiri and caramel corn inspired by the bean's summery flavors throughout the shoe.

The last shoe in the collection is the Classic Leather Legacy covered in bright gradient colors inspired by iconic jelly beans flavors like Tutti-Frutti and bubblegum. While all the sneakers will be available in sizes suitable for adults, young sneakerheads can get Instapump Fury and Club C Revenge, which will be available in lots of sizes ranging from infant to adult.