29% Think This Discontinued Alcoholic Drink Needs To Make A Comeback

When it comes to food fads, booze seems more or less impervious. There are only so many riffs on the basic theme of beer/wine/hard liquor, after all. Even the latest craze for "malternatives" is nothing new — what is hard seltzer, after all, but a lower-carb version of the good old wine cooler so beloved of 80s sorority girls? Nor is hard cider anything new, as UK drinkers have been pounding back pints of the stuff for a good few centuries. Smithsonian Magazine even reveals that our own colonial ancestors — even the kids! — drank it in preference to water back in the pre-purification days. (Keep that in mind next time your sink taps start running brown.)

Even though many big-name booze brands have been around for what seems like forever, every once in a while a few lesser offerings go out of production, and there are always people who wish they'd come back. Mashed recently polled 590 drinkers about which of the following 6 beverages is most deserving of a reboot: Bacardi Breezer, Four Loko (the original caffeinated version), Miller Chill, Skyy Blue, Tequiza, and Zima. The results reveal that yes, 90s nostalgia is still alive and well.

Bring back Bacardi's best alcopops!

The drinks that received the fewest votes were ones that never really had their day — agave-infused Tequiza beer (via Vine Pair) was missed by less than 7% of those we polled, while only about 8.5% wanted to see lime-and-salt Miller Chill (via Milwaukee Business Journal) return to store shelves. 16% of our pollees were probably pleased when Zima made a brief comeback a few years ago, and they'd like to see it come back for a third go-round. Even more popular was the Zima-esque Skyy Blue –- the 19% of respondents awaiting its return should be pleased to know it's still alive and well south of the border, so get your passports ready (via Walmart Mexico). As for the nearly 20% of people we polled who'd like to take their lives in their hands by chugging early 00s Four Loko, we're a little concerned.

However, the title of Drink Most Deserving of a Second Chance is –- ta da! –- the Bacardi Breezer. 29% of the 590 people we surveyed want it back. While this beloved 90s alcopop is long gone from the U.S. market, Bacardi released a modernized Breezer in trendy new flavors like blood orange ginger and lemon elderflower in the UK a few years back (via Drinks Retailing News). Here's hoping Breezer 2.0 will be successful enough that they decide to try marketing it on this side of the pond, as well.