This Burger King Item Has The Highest Calories Of Any Major Fast Food Burger

Fast food is a staple of the American diet — and a sometimes irresistible one at that. Linchpin SEO notes there are more than 200,000 fast food restaurants in the United States and about 50 million American customers who eat fast food daily. Though most fast food customers agree that these meals are "bad for your health," according to a Supplements 101 survey, that does not change the fact that on an average day, nearly 85 million Americans will eat fast food. As many people know, fast food and high calorie counts tend to go hand in hand; not to mention saturated fat, sugar, and sodium to boot.

Some of the highest-calorie fast food items are Arbys' Triple Decker Sandwich, Boston Market's Meatloaf Carver, and Dairy Queen's six-piece Honey Hot Glazed Chicken Strips, according to a 2018 list by Business Insider. But one new sandwich at Burger King gives all these dishes a run for their caloric money.

The Bacon King is also the calorie king

It is no secret that Burger King's foods are not necessarily made for the calorie-conscious. Weighing in as one of the least healthy options at the drive-thru, Burger King's Bacon King sandwich comes out to 2,102 calories, the highest of any fast food burger — and that's without any sides, confirms the chain's website. According to the San Antonio Current, the sandwich, which has two ¼-pound beef patties, a hearty portion of thick-cut bacon, American cheese, ketchup, and mayonnaise on a sesame seed bun, packs in enough calories to fuel the average adult for an entire day.

York Test analyzed several fast food sandwiches and found that the Bacon King is the only one to pass the 2,000 calorie mark, with nearly three times the calories as a McDonald's double quarter pounder with cheese and four times those of a Chick-fil-A spicy chicken sandwich. Interestingly, while Burger King does have some of the unhealthiest things you can order at fast food chains, it also has the least caloric sandwich: its 241-calorie hamburger.