The One Thing That Finally Got Alex Guarnaschelli To Like Pineapple

Alex Guarnaschelli's love-hate relationship with pineapple is well known. Aside from a pineapple upside down cake recipe published in People, we rarely see her use this ingredient. And regardless of the overtures this tropical fruit has made to the celebrity chef, she has never truly been able to return its sweet affection. Why? Because pineapple has been Guarnaschelli's nemesis and foil in many a cooking competition. The mind games it has played with her over the years!

One fan explained on Twitter that pineapple "has enzymes that break down protein. These enzymes turn protein to mush and pineapple becomes overly sweet and overpowers most other flavors." Guarnaschelli was quick to respond, praising the explanation for "why pineapple is the death fruit in competition shows."

However, it looks like the tide is turning in favor of this yellow fruit. Guarnaschelli may have found a way to enjoy pineapple after all. The Food Network star and cookbook author took to Instagram to share the revelation and we think she may have created the perfect coupling for her longtime fruity antagonist.

Cottage cheese pairs well with pineapple

Guarnaschelli penned an open letter to the fruit on Instagram. "Dear Pineapple: I have struggled with you emotionally on so many levels," she wrote. "You've appear everywhere on pizza & have been the death of me more than once in a competition show cook off. I have found you your perfect home & here you are." To paraphrase the immortal philosophy of Phoebe Buffay from "Friends," Guarnaschelli has found the lobster for her pineapple. The accompanying photo showed cut up pineapple on a green plate next to cottage cheese. The perfect pairing.

Guarnaschelli's social media squad chimed in with their approval, from fellow Food Network chef Sunny Anderson typing a simple "agreed" to sharing their own life-changing pineapple conversion moments. "Ours is atop a taco al pastor. Along with onions and cilantro, por supuesto!" one wrote. Others encouraged the "Chopped" judge to try her pineapple with a little Tajín, a seasoning blend that consists of ground chili peppers, lime, and sea salt. It's often used to coat the rims of fruity cocktails and adds a unique tang to tropical fruit. Honestly, as good as that sounds, it might be too soon. We think Guarnaschelli should spend some time reveling in her gastronomic epiphany. She's definitely earned it.