Former White House Chef Reveals The Sweets Barack Obama Liked To Eat - Exclusive

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When you think of what former President Barack Obama enjoyed noshing on while at the White House, you probably don't immediately think of desserts. After all, he and his wife Michelle Obama are known for starting programs like Let's Move! with the goal of solving the issue of childhood obesity. But just because they encouraged healthy eating, doesn't mean they don't enjoy sweets every so often. Let's be honest, most of us do.

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, their former chef at the White House, Andre Rush, revealed what satisfied their sweet tooth. "They were crazy about the red velvet cake," Rush said. "He would have his little candies hidden around. When I think junk food, I think that's probably the extent of it — loved burgers, loved some pizza." The cook also said Obama loved to make his famous chili that was always a big hit, which contained things like onion, garlic, basil, and ground turkey (via HuffPost).

Chef Andre Rush says he was happy when the Obamas brought this back to the White House

Considering one of Barack Obama's favorite comfort meals was chili that contained a ton of delicious vegetables, it makes sense that the couple wanted to grow some of the items themselves. Chef Andre Rush explained that the first couple brought back having a garden at the White House "which was absolutely amazing because I'm not a vegan, but I love cooking vegetables." The chef even explained that he could easily do a 10-course vegetarian meal because they're so versatile, compared to other ingredients. "The flavor profile you can play with and aromatize," Rush said. "I love that about them."

Even though Barack Obama loved having his veggies served in different ways, the cook divulged that the former president still always had to have this iconic candy around — M&M's. We can't blame him, the delicious chocolate pieces have just the right amount of crunch and are the perfect size for a quick snack. Which makes perfect sense when you're the commander-in-chief of an entire nation and need a quick pick-me-up.

Be sure to pick up Andre Rush's new memoir "Call Me Chef, Dammit!: A Veteran's Journey from the Rural South to the White House," or book him for a motivational speaking engagement.