How Duff Goldman Stood Up For The LGBTQ Community

Celebrity chef and renowned TV personality Duff Goldman is a passionate man who has never hesitated to do what he can to work towards issues that he cares about. As per his website, Goldman is involved with several organizations, such as No Kid Hungry, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Save a Child's Heart Foundation. During an interview with the Jewish News Service, he gave fans a glimpse into what motivated him to help others. "I'm a cook who won the lottery," he shared. "Seeing the effects this has had on everybody makes us want to give back. Every time we give it makes us want to give more."

The chef has also spoken out about the rights of the LGBT+ community. According to People, he was motivated to speak up after a same-sex couple accused a cake shop of discriminating against them in 2017. At the time, Goldman voiced his support for the couple, stating that this was unacceptable behavior.

Duff Goldman was upset by the blatant discrimination

As per People, Duff Goldman felt that he needed to acknowledge the fact that his cake store has all kinds of customers and it's his job to cater to their needs. He also said that while a business owner makes the choice to sell products, they don't get to choose their customers. Goldman explained, "That is why I'm supporting a same-sex couple in Colorado in their lawsuit against a local business owner who refused to sell them wedding cake – the same product he routinely sold to straight couples – because he claims that doing so would go against his beliefs."

Goldman could't digest this and said the owner's behavior was clear discrimination against the LGBT couple, and that others could do the same to their customers, claiming that something about them goes against their personal beliefs. He described it a slippery slope. Goldman concluded with, "This is not about the cake. This is plainly and clearly distorting constitutional rights to justify discrimination against a LGBT people."