Duff Goldman Opens Up About Becoming A New Parent - Exclusive

Welcoming a new child into the family is always an emotional and life-altering experience for all parents, but it is especially so for first-time parents. This is certainly true of Duff Goldman and his wife, Johnna, who are clearly smitten with their little girl, Josephine (just as the rest of Goldman's fans are). The couple has posted tons of photos of their little one, from her first rodeo to family nature walks (via Instagram). That's why Mashed just had to ask Goldman about life as a new father when we sat down to talk about his partnership with Pepsi, his game-day traditions, and recipes as an avid Baltimore Ravens fan.

Goldman explained just how in awe of Josephine they are. "I mean, just watching her figure stuff out and learn stuff," Goldman said. "The past few days she has let us know that she is completely obsessed, like obsessed, with plastic water bottles. We were watching her and she was almost figuring out how to get the top off and unscrew it," he explained. "She's seven months old. It's just so fascinating," he added in an awestruck tone.

The Goldmans are loving every bit of parenthood

But watching Josephine learn how the world works isn't the only thing Duff Goldman loves about being a father. Another example he gave was about a toy he brought home from work for her. "We were just filming a 'Kids Baking Championship' and there was a little stuffed zebra that they had on the set. So when we were done with it the art department was like, 'Hey, you want to give this to Josephine?' I was like. 'Yeah, sure,'" Goldman said. "So I brought it home, and I came up the stairs and she saw the zebra and her eyes got real big, and her mouth opened up really wide. Her mind was blown, she couldn't believe it," he said. "And now she hugs it and rolls around with it. But it was so neat to see her get so stoked about something. It was just incredible. It's amazing," Goldman said.

Even the less than fun times are still incredible to the Goldmans. "My wife and I are both really, just we're enjoying every second of it," Goldman said. "Even when [Josephine's] completely freaking out we're just like, 'Ah, this is great,'" he added. Clearly, parenthood has brought a lot of joy and happiness to the new family, and fans are so excited and happy for them. Everyone will undoubtedly be watching Goldman's Instagram and Twitter accounts to see what's next for their adorable baby.

You can discover some of Duff Goldman's favorite game day recipes by visiting MadeForFootballWatching, and keep up with Goldman (and Josephine) by following him on Instagram.