Ben & Jerry's Chocolaty New Flavor Supports An Important Social Justice Cause

Ben & Jerry's, America's best-selling ice cream brand, just released a new flavor — and it's for yet another great cause. During a September 20th press conference, Jabari Paul, the company's activism manager, officially announced the launch of "Change is Brewing," which represents more than just a delicious blend of sweet, chilled goodness. The limited edition batch was created with a mission to curb police brutality, particularly those acts perpetuated against people who are living with mental illness.

Ever since Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield founded their iconic ice cream company in Vermont in 1978, they have been extremely vocal about various public matters, including equality among all consumers, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or other demographic info. And they've done a superior job of using ice cream as an avenue to openly discuss these challenging yet important topics.

The coolest new product in the frozen desserts aisle is a medley of cold brew coffee ice cream with marshmallow swirls and fudge brownies. Its luscious taste and chewy texture aside, the objective behind this pint is dynamic and impactful.

Ben & Jerry's Change is Brewing calls for liberation

To keep the historically progressive brand's voice alive and well, the new Ben & Jerry's pint promotes The People's Response Act, a piece of legislation proposed by Missouri Congresswoman Cori Bush that aims to advance racial justice and end police violence against people with mental illnesses, substance abuse issues, and other health conditions. In a statement shared on the brand's official website, the company calls for society to "divest from systems that criminalize Black communities and invest in a vision of public safety that allows everyone to breathe free."

Per NBC, Ben & Jerry's has "partnered with the Movement for Black Lives" to promote the effort. To develop the one-of-a-kind flavor, the brand "teamed up with Black-owned coffee company BLK & Bold" and NYC-based B Corp certified brownie shop Greyston Bakery. The ice cream carton's gorgeous color-block illustration, which shows a Black person painting the word "liberation," was designed by Black artist Laci Jordan .

Want to join the movement? You can take action and help support this initiative by filling out the form on this page, and of course, by buying a pint or two at your local grocery store.