Walmart Is Selling Sparkly Syrup For When Appearance Is All That Matters

Whether you're crafting a gourmet latte, a tasty carbonated beverage, or an inventive meal, the number of different ingredients on the market is truly staggering. There are syrups and extracts for just about every flavor imaginable, drizzles to add that extra something special, shavings of tasty items for garnish, and much more. And if you like your beverages or breakfasts with a bit of added sparkle, you may want to head to their nearest Walmart location ASAP to search for a new item they have on shelves called Fruity Sparkles Syrup. The product comes in a plastic bottle with a dispenser similar to those you'd find on many maple syrup containers. In addition, the clear packaging allows you to get the full effect of the colorful concoction, which is a shimmering purple hue that looks like it was taken straight out of a cauldron in Professor Snape's potions class.

The ingredients list is primarily packed with corn syrup and flavoring agents, with mica-based pearlescent pigment giving the mixture its captivating sparkle. A 12-ounce bottle of the syrup retails for just $2.98, so you won't have to break the bank to try out this new product (via Taste of Home). And if you're eager to test it, you'll want to scoop up a bottle relatively soon — it's apparently a limited edition seasonal item that will only be on shelves until October.

What shoppers are saying about the sparkling syrup

According to Walmart, the flavor profile of the shimmering syrup is supposed to mimic your "favorite fruity cereals," as Taste of Home reports. However, consumers don't really seem all that into it, and on the Walmart website, the product already has a trio of one- and two-star reviews.

"I tried a tiny amount, it has only an extremely harsh chemical taste, not at all fruity. Don't waste your money!" one shopper named Kelly wrote. Another shopper, Ticia, likewise mentioned that while she got some fruity pebbles flavor notes to begin, the product had a chemical aftertaste that caused "a slight burn" in her throat. She ended up saying the syrup was more comparable to something you use to bathe with than an actual food item, saying that "this has to be the worst thing ever made." The third and final review currently available on the Walmart website's listing for this product clarified that it may not be a win for younger audiences either, claiming that neither she nor her grandchildren liked the syrup. According to her, "it sparkles, but that's about it" — it's all about appearance, with very few positives in terms of flavor.

While the budget-friendly nature of the product means it may be worth the risk for glitter-loving gourmands, the prevailing opinion seems to be that unless you prefer chemical flavor notes in your syrups, you may be better off skipping this one.