Is There Any Benefit To Using A Deep Fryer Instead Of An Air Fryer?

Ever since Philips launched the very first air fryer back in 2010, the smart kitchen gadget has been making waves in the world of fried food cooking (via Exnovate). Unlike the traditional method of frying that requires you to dunk raw food in a pot of hot oil, an air fryer cooks by circulating hot air with the help of a tablespoon of oil (via Healthline).

The growing popularity of the air fryer in comparison to the deep fryer comes mostly from the former's upper hand in one crucial category: health. According to Healthline, air fryers require significantly less fat during the cooking process as opposed to cooking gadgets like deep fryers. The site notes that while deep fryers require as much as 750 milliliters, or three cups, of oil, an air fryer only needs a tablespoon (15 milliliters) to do the same job. All in all, an air fryer will give your foods a brown color and crispy exterior just as a deep fryer would, but with less fat and calories.

Although the air fryer has an edge over a deep fryer in terms of being able to fry foods without the negative effects of using a ton of oil, there are certain benefits of using a deep fryer, too.

Your french fries will fry quicker in a deep fryer

One of the main reasons some remain skeptical of an air fryer is, when it comes down to taste, most still agree that a deep fryer is the better option. Since air fryers work by circulating dry hot air, they're basically like convection ovens (via Simply Recipes). Although an air fryer is supposed to fry, the food can come out looking more like it was baked in an oven, only a little crispier. If it's only the taste of that fried chicken that matters to you the most, it's best to stick to a deep fryer, suggested Corrie Cooks.

Another benefit of using a deep fryer is how quickly it can fry food. Once the oil in the deep fryer is heated, it's only going to take about three to five minutes to fry food in it — it's as quick as cooking gets. An air fryer, on the other hand, is more like an oven, taking up to 20 minutes to fry the same items (via Air Fryer Masterchef).

Although there are some benefits to using a deep fryer, the general consensus tips in favor of air fryers. The fact that air fryers can minimize unnecessary fats is a huge bonus, no doubt, but it also requires less cleaning than a deep fryer and works as a versatile gadget that allows you to bake desserts, too. Not to mention that an air fryer requires considerably less oil than deep-frying, which means that you save some bucks along the way!