How Long It Really Takes To Make An Episode Of Ace Of Cakes

When watching "Ace of Cakes," you might have found yourself wishing the episodes could be longer. You may have even asked yourself, "Why can't they be longer?" And it's a valid question. After all, who wouldn't want to watch every detail that goes into creating the masterpieces that Duff Goldman and his team produce at Charm City Cakes?

And while we might not get the answer to these questions today, it's not for lack of content because producers had more than enough hours of footage to make the episodes as long as you'd sit and watch. Have you ever wondered how long it actually takes to make a 22-minute episode of the show? Although you'd be safe to say they probably film more than 22 minutes, the actual number may surprise you.

Whether you're an "Ace of Cakes" superfan or just a person curious about what it takes to create a reality baking show, keep reading to learn about the filming process that went on inside the Baltimore bakery.

Ace of Cakes producers collect over 120 hours of footage for each episode

The final episodes of "Ace of Cakes" seen on your TV were only a micro-fraction of the hours of content shot to deliver that product. According to Food Network, the crew filmed over 120 hours for each 22-minute episode. To put that into perspective, that's five full days of footage for a show that airs for less than 30 minutes. The cameras were nearly always rolling, ready to capture all the creativity, drama, and camaraderie that took place in the kitchen.

On filming days, the staff of Charm City Cakes wore tiny wireless microphones that two audio operators listened to for most of the day. Imagine every shift you work is not only recorded, but every conversation you have can be heard. It was surely an interesting experience for the staffers, but all in the name of good TV.

"At this point, I could write a whole book called 'The Guide for Normal People Who End Up on Television,'" Goldman said (via Food Network). And maybe one day he will write it. And, while we're making requests of Goldman, maybe he could work his magic and get us hour-long episodes with all that leftover over "Ace of Cakes" footage.