This Might Be The Best Way To Use Leftover Pasta Sauce

It can be hard to meal prep, especially when you have no idea what to fill those meals with. Pasta is normally a quick and easy solution to that problem. After all, in our minds, there are two main food groups: pasta and cheese.

There is definitely a way to make the perfect plate of pasta, whether you prefer traditional penne alla vodka, creamy chicken alfredo, or a nostalgic bowl of mac and cheese. Our personal favorite, though, is the classic spaghetti and meatballs. Even though it's not exactly traditional, who could refuse this hearty and delicious meal? We know we can't.

Let's put a scenario together for you. You finally decide that pasta with marinara sauce is your best option for dinner. In order to satisfy your hunger in a short amount of time, you make just one serving of pasta. After you scarf that up, you find you're stuck with extra red sauce that you have no idea what to do with. Well, we have a tasty solution.

This Italian quesadilla is the perfect go-to meal

Ever heard of an Italian quesadilla? Now you have, and it is quite life-changing. According to Eat This Not That, the instructions are simple. First, spread some of that leftover pasta sauce on a medium tortilla of your choice. Then, pile on some vegetables and as much mozzarella cheese as your heart desires.

Then, fold the tortilla in half and pan fry until golden brown. Voila, a mouthwatering meal and no wasted food. Momtastic explains that ground turkey can be added for extra protein, along with salt and pepper to taste. Before putting the quesadilla in the pan, it's recommended you add some olive oil, although butter works just as well.

Make sure to flip the tortilla in the pan so it gets an even cook on both sides. This is an easy meal that can feed a good amount of people with little mess and stress. Next time you reach for that marinara sauce on pasta night, leave a little extra for these quesadillas. You will definitely want to make them again!