This Is Jamie Oliver's Favorite Meat Dish

It's one thing to create picture perfect meals on television that are broadcast to the masses and shared over and over again. It's a completely different thing for a celebrity chef to open up about their personal tastes and what they prefer to make for themselves at home, when no one is watching. Jamie Oliver recently opened up about what he cooks at home, and it gives his fans some insight into what he really likes to eat.

Oliver has stated that much of the food he makes is actually meatless, with upwards of 70% of his content being vegetarian. He released a vegetarian cookbook and hosted a show called "Jaime's Meat Free Meals" that focused on delicious, flavorful, and energizing vegetarian dishes (via Live Kindly). However, he has admitted that he couldn't be fully vegetarian himself even if he doesn't eat meat every day. In an interview with GQ, he admitted that while he eats vegetarian four days a week, he still loves to enjoy his favorite meat dish every now and again.

He talked about his go-to meat dish again in a recent interview, and frankly, the way he talks about it makes our mouths water.

Jamie Oliver loves pork shoulder roast

When Jamie Oliver revealed to Taste of Home during their interview that he loves meat, their next question was simple. What's Oliver's favorite meat dish?

"I make a mean pork shoulder roast," he responded. This is the same dish he told GQ about in 2019.

He went on to describe what he loved about the pork shoulder roast, highlighting the perfectly crisp skin cooked until golden and the scrumptiously tender meat. He shared the secret to cooking the perfect pork shoulder roast as well, which turned out to be fairly simple. Oliver said his trick was to prepare the meat by rubbing it with olive oil, salt, and pepper. His next step was to sear the meat on the stove top and get the skin nice and crispy. Then, he bakes it at a low heat in the oven until the meat peels off the bone.

Oliver's pork shoulder roast sounds easy to make and super tasty. The next time you're craving a hearty meat-centered dinner, this dish should definitely be a contender.